Understanding: Balochistan’s struggle of Freedom against Pakistan

Many people wonder why Baloch people cheer India during an India Pakistan match although it is a major part of Pakistan. It is 3.5 lakh sq kms which forms 44 % of Pakistan and is rich in natural gas and minerals but has only 4% of the total population.

This instability finds its roots in the independence of Indian subcontinent from British era. Very few people know that this Germany sized state was independent for around seven months after the Indian independence and was then called Baloch state of Kalat. They find their origin in Iranian race.

Balochistan’s struggle of Freedom against Pakistan

Balochistan’s struggle of Freedom against Pakistan

 The Roots of Balochistans and Pakistan’s bad Intensions

The state of Kalat was rich in natural resources and population which was amp for a new self sustainable nation. Mir Ahmadyar Khan from the royal family on 28 March 1948 heard the news on AIR(he was fond of All India Radio) which said VP menon telling about Kalat pressing India to accept them but India is refusing. Later, Sardar Patel and Nehru made contrary statements in order to heal the sentiments and to avoid turmoil. But Pakistan took it on a serious note and attacked Baluchistan and annexed it.

Indian leaders were still not able to understand the situation. They ignored the same rather than acting on the call of moment. Liaqat Ali Khan had series of meetings with his defence forces in order to act and suppress Baloch people. It is still seen as an invaded state rather than an integral part of Pakistan by a majority of people around.


 Steps which triggered the Unrest among Baloch People

Appointing Jinnah as a lawyer to deal with Britishers by the Royal family. He triggered the invasion by warning Pakistan about the issue. As a result, army acted on the same night.

Annexing a mineral rich state just for profit and jealously against India.

Imposing many policies which in turn encouraged rebellious actions. ‘One Unit Policy’ was one of them which were a failure. Kill and Dump policy was one which prevails.


Rise of Rebellion Groups and their Demands

In the meantime, many separatists collaborated and groups sprouted in the western region such as BRA(Baloch Rebellion Army), BLA(Baloch Liberation Army), Lashkar e Baloch. Some of them are regarded as terrorist groups by many European countries. Pakistan reports that these groups are getting indirect support from India’s R&AW and Afghanistan. Thus in revenge, they are maintaining the Kashmir issue. The government tries to take this topic in international organizations such UNO but no decisions are made till date.

These groups are waging a guerilla war against the government. They want freedom from Pakistan and few of their leaders have asked for help from India giving the example of Bangladesh. Also the demands include increased royalties on natural gas and mineral resources, right of self decision in government and development. Many insurgencies were fought by them and they attacked almost all major government institutions in the capital Quetta.

Separatists and government plays a cause-effect game. Groups blame actions of suppression is a reason behind while government blames their nature of Rebellion. Thousands of people are being killed every year. The figures are unclear as they are underreported. Abductions, rapes, encounters, massacres are common scenes. Now Pakistan is building economic corridor in this region to exploit resources and suppress Baloch people with the help of China.

  • Nationalist

    Pakistan has been exposed for its double stance on Kashmir and terrorism. Modi’s stance on POK and balochistan is really positive and aggressive reply to pak’s fake agenda to internationalise Kashmir issue. Now its been trapped for its Human right violations and fake democracy in both these provinces.
    India should strongly back Baloch and POK people in their struggle for freedom. If Patel would have been first PM then this Kasmir issue would have never existed and pk would have been tamed well.

  • Ananya

    India must stand by Balochistan in its struggle for freedom..

    • Gitanshu Verma

      We are already standing with it. The support was silent untill pakistan insulted our home minister in the SAARC conference. Its by his order in revenge that govt is now raising the voice.