Want to make a career in Information Technology! Here are different options

The Information and Technology sector offers several options for those who are interested in working with computer hardware and software. Depending on their area of expertise they are responsible for designing, writing and testing software programs. IT professionals also work as hardware experts who are required to assist users with desktop and server component issues. The Job hierarchy in software field goes as – trainee engineer, software engineer, programmer analysts, senior software engineer, system analyst, project lead, project manager, program manager, chief technical officer.  This may vary in different companies. As you go higher up the hierarchy, project management and business skills become more significant as compared to technical skills.  Below is brief IT careers information as well as information technology job descriptions for convenient use. This is sector is one of the highest paying jobs sector in India.

Career in IT: Choosing a career in Information Technology falls into the field of managing a wide range of technologies not limited into any specific field. This is one of the most happening fields of development in the world today and career opportunities in information technology are booming day by day. This field of career is coming out of just a personal computer and a network. It is spreading its dominance into the fields like television, mobile phones and thus this career is receiving higher demand than ever before. More and more youngsters are opting IT as specialization for higher education in India.

Below are different career options with Job description and eligibilities required, in IT sector:


  • Project Manager: The project manager in the field of information technology careers takes the sole charge of the process of development of software applications. Their role is vital from the formation of the concept of the project to its completion and they must be able to manage high work load. Their duty spreads from planning, contract management, team management, solving confusions of the members to setting costs and budgets of the project. This requires over 5yrs experience in technical field plus MBA degree.


  • Software Engineers:   Software Engineers are the life of  IT sector and they are the geeks. These professionals are responsible for developing new software applications and to maintain the previous ones up to date. They really need to be extraordinarily creative and expert with the codes and languages of information technology. They are an independent part of the professionals in the field. However, they need to follow the strategies of development formed by the architects of the applications and the systems analysts.


  • Hardware Engineers are the professionals concerned about the physical devices or parts of the computers. They design hardware of the computers, verify the problems and solve hardware related issues of the computers. They are responsible for ensuring smooth performance of the computers.Here are different career options as an Engineer.


  • Systems analyst: These are expert professionals who analyse the needs from both technical and business perspective based upon the clients’ point of view. They try to form a feasible solution for the software engineers that serve as a document in their process of software application development.


  • Administrators: There are 2 types of administrator jobs: Database Administrators and Network administrators. Below are details:
  • Databases administrators are an important security department as well as a precautionary ward of the particular organisation. They suggest better strategies of storage process, backup and recovery techniques for the company databases. Hence they are related with taking care of operations associated with the databases of a company.
  • Network administrators are responsible for the inter-connectivity of computers of a particular organization. They set up and maintain the inter-connectivity of computers either in a local network or a wide range network. They are responsible for smooth and safe running of the computer network.


  • Applications architect: These professionals function accordingly with the software engineers as their prime duty is to assist keep along with the software engineers and provide additional inputs in the process of designing software applications. Their role in the development of an application is preceded by the systems analysts.

Eligibilities: Choosing a career in IT provide numerous career opportunities and it is also easy to be a part of it. The Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT engineering or computer science engineering can be acquired from most of professional colleges.

Besides, there are many independent and private institutes providing professional IT courses for interested candidates, like Microsoft certification programs in Hardware and networking and Google adword professionals programs etc. B.tech/B.E. in IT, computer science, Bsc(IT), Msc(I.T.), BCA, MCA are some of main eligible courses.


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