Looking for a career in Modeling?

Those aspiring for glamour, limelight and fame along with bestowed with extraordinary looks and personalities are particularly suited for this profession. It is a very competitive and demanding field. More than any other professions, this one requires loads of good luck along with the hard work. The roles, assignments and payments vary a lot depending on the production house you work for, kind of role etc. The job security is very less and one needs to have good networking skills to get the roles.

Career Options in Modeling:

Career options in modeling can be classified into Print Modeling or Still Modeling, Live Modeling or Ramp Modeling, Television Modeling, Advertising Modeling and Show room Modeling.

  • Advertisement Modeling: Advertisement modeling includes both print and television modeling. To promote a certain product, the advertising models feature in press advertisements and in advertising films and commercials. Models from any age group can be a part of advertising modeling. Basic acting skills and a good photogenic face are the sole requirements.


  • Ramp Modeling: This is the most popular and high paying form of modeling. In this type of modeling, the models wear accessories and garments created by fashion designers and display the same to live audience by walking on a ramp. Walking the ramp is known as catwalk. Ramp modeling is a tough but well rewarding career. It requires tremendous practice, hard work and patience. Performing in front of live audience can be stressful. To succeed in the industry you need to have good body posture, walking style, maintain an impressive body language and most importantly the walking style should be gracious and full of poise.

How to become a model?

There is no particular qualification or age limit to enter the modeling industry. The foremost requirement is to have a good portfolio of personal photographs and confidence to face camera. Even though you need not undertake any specialized training to be a model, you need to have certain personal attributes to become successful.

Girls need to have a good body, healthy complexion and lustrous hair. Both male and female should be taller than average to become a ramp model.  The standard fashion industry criteria are 5’7” to 6’ for women or more than 6’ for men. Men must possess muscular stature. Apart from the physical traits, the models need to be photogenic and should carry a good, friendly attitude and self-confidence. However successful career is modeling certainly needs a lot of passion and affinity towards the work.

It is one of the highest paid professions.


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