Want to make career in travel industry?

Travel is not just a mere leisure activity with little scopes for employment. Rather it has become a huge industry worth billions of dollars which has numerous job opportunities in its galore. The best part about travel industry is that it has several facets and every day a new branch emerges which increases the number of jobs in travel industry several folds.  Though almost anyone can choose to build his/her career in travel industry, but the work is best suited for those who have an inherent passion for travelling and tourism.  A travel industry professional should also have the commitment to help out tourists with their travel queries and any other assistance required.

Different options for career in travel and tourism

Working in travel and tourism sector requires a great deal of hard work, patience and managerial qualities. The commonly explored sectors of travel industry include Wholesale travel, Retail travel, Tour Operations, Information and Communication, Event management, transportation, Cruising and many more. If you are planning to enter the travel industry as a professional, here are few career options explained for your information:

  • Travelling Agent/Agency: If you have interest in meeting and dealing with new people, dedication to deliver high end customer service and an inclination to take up sales challenges, a job in a travelling agency is just the right choice for you. Jobs in travel agency integrate all types of travelling arrangements and communication which precisely includes ticket bookings, accommodation, meals and sightseeing arrangement as well as conducted tours. According to a recent survey, almost 65% travel arrangements are made via travel agents, across the world which implies the endless career opportunities in travelling sector.  You can either open your own travelling agency or work at various positions like Receptionist, General Manager, Marketing Manager, Corporate Consultant, Ticket or Reservation Sales Consultant and Retail Travel Manager.
  • Wholesale Travel: This is another imperative branch of travel and tourism which secures huge percentage of recruitment in tourism. Wholesaler agents or companies generally act as a middle person between the travel suppliers and travel agents. If you are someone who is more interested in research, business development and negotiating, it is the best functional field. The wholesale travel endeavors include cost negotiation, deal arrangement and creating or sourcing particular products or packages for bulk requirements.
  • Transportation, Cruising, Ticketing and Reservation Consultancy: Transportation happens to be an inevitable part of the travel and tourism industry. Professionals working in any of these fields are supposed to make for all types of conveyance arrangements (Bus, Train, Airline, Private Taxis, Cars or Vessels) for travelers. Cruise holidays have become much popular across the world which indicates that more and more people are choosing to sail instead of conventional road trips. Thus cruising has emerged with enormous possibilities for growth and employment.
  • Jobs in Hotel Industry and Aviation: Hotel industry has endless scopes for employment which often inspires youngsters to study hotel management, aviation management and similar courses. Though all graduates are allowed to join the hotel or aviation industry, special knowledge in the same helps you cut out better deals in terms of pay package and job positions.   But apart from diligence and patience, you need to look presentable in order to be successful in Hotel industry career.Here are detail career options in airline industry.

Here are few must-have qualities to succeed in travel career:

ü  You should possess outstanding communication skills (verbal and written).

ü  Teamwork is an important aspect of travel jobs; so an aspiring professional should be a good team player.

ü  Marketing skills will help you grow in the travel field. It requires a sociable personality, self-confidence, convincing skills and patience.

ü  Paying attention to details and remembering trivial things, names, facts or figures will help you go a long way.

ü  Bearing an empathetic approach towards the clients in necessary.

ü  Sound knowledge of geography and places.

ü  Finally make sure your health is sound because travel industry jobs involve a lot of travelling, standing for hours and working late nights. In order to successfully accomplish your tasks, you must be hale and hearty.

Now that you have ample information on career in travel industry, choose your functional sector and set your passion for travel flow free.



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