Want to make a career in Retail?

Retail Industry is one of the most vibrant and fast growing industries worldwide. Also the retail sector is one of the major contributors to the economic growth of many countries. As a career opportunity Retail Industry is a dynamic arena and it offers plethora of job opportunities for ambitious youths who wish to make a mark in the career in retail management. Research suggests that the retail industry offers about 2 million job opportunities.

The remuneration package greatly depends on the company you are employed with and the nature of your job. Studies conducted by US department of labor suggest that the salary for retail management executives can range from $311,340 to $42,230 per annum.

Career options in Retail sector:

  • Retail Manager: The prime responsibility of a retail manager is to plan, co-ordinate and execute the operations of a retail outlet. This involves keeping track of retail orders, stocks, analyzing the supply and taking care of the merchandise layout.


  • Visual Merchandiser: Visual merchandiser plays a vital role in giving the brand its unique identity. Being a part of the concept and designing, visual merchandisers can also become store planner, technical designer or product developer. This profile requires lot of creativity.


  • Store Manager: This profile involves motivating staff to deal with customers for positive results. They are responsible for setting sales targets and their achievement.


  • Merchandise planner: This profile involves allocation of merchandise to different store, making marketing plans and strategies, financial planning etc.


  • Customer care/Sales Executive: These people Involved directly with customer, help them in buying, informing about new offers, trends, solving customer queries, and hence try to increase sales

Requirements for acquiring jobs in retail sector:

  • Educational qualification: The basic education qualification to get into the retail industry is a diploma or degree in retail management. Several institutes offer graduation and post graduation course in Retail Management including MBA in retail management. A course in Retail Management helps you learn the intricacies of the sector well.


  • Personal Skills: To excel in the retail industry personal talent is more important than holding degree certificates. The important personal traits required are leadership skill, positive attitude, analytical mind, good communication skills, ability to convince people and ability to mingle with people.

If you possess all such skills and have an affinity to work in a vibrant and growing industry, retail is the best sector to pursue a career in.

Job Opportunities in Retail: You can get jobs in various shopping Mall chains, Retail companies such as Reliance digital, Pantaloon Retail (Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar etc.), Tata (Westside), Landmark Group (Lifestyle) etc.


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  • Nice one 🙂 What is Retail Management is asked by a lot of our juniors these days.. and what with all this FDI issue going on. It might just get more and more prominence! A local college in the city even gives diploma in Retail Management…