List of careers in Medical field: Complete Analysis

Choosing a career in medical field is among the most sought after and satisfying career for the ones fascinated with Science and handling ill people. In the past years the area of medical studies have gone through a variety of phases of growth and has at present become so immense that specializations inside are rising every day.

Here is the list of careers in medical field:


List of careers in Medical field, Complete Analysis -

List of careers in Medical field, Complete Analysis –

A physician diagnosis and treats the daily and miscellaneous illnesses of the human body. MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery) degree holders perform as physicians. The MBBS course duration is 5.5 years that include one year of internship. People to be selected for MBBS have to pass an Entrance Exams such as CPT, PMT conducted by states and some all India level exams such as AIIMS, AFMS and AIPMT for best colleges in country. The prerequisite for entrance is 10+2/ equivalent having Science subjects. Admission to private medical colleges entrance are determined by examinations that are carries out by the institutions individually. On completing MBBS, candidates are able to opt for post graduate level studies (MD / MS) through one more entrance. In the post graduate level, students can specialize in Medicine as well as Surgery. Post Graduate curriculums (MD / MS) are typically of duration of 3 years.

This is one of the best paying jobs in medical field.

Dental Surgeon:

Dental surgery is among many medical measures that entail synthetically adjusting dentition, or basically surgery of the teeth as well as jaw bones. A person wishing a career in dentistryought to complete the B.D.S(Bachelor of Dental Surgery) course which has duration of 4 years plus internship of 1 year. Applicants for this course ought to have cleared the 2 years Intermediate / corresponding course having Chemistry, Physics, and Biology among their subjects.


They are healthcare experts providing most important vision care that includes vision checking and rectification. They might in addition make out eye illnesses and pass on to ophthalmologists for cure. A person choosing a career in medical fieldas anOptometrist ought to complete degree/ diploma courses in ophthalmic know-how. An applicant for this course ought to have passed 10+2 / equivalent exam having at least 50% marks in chemistry, physics, and biology.


B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and Surgery) uses natural herbs as medicine also called Ayurvedic medicines to treat any kind of illness. A person wishing to choose a career in ayurvedic medicine can take a step in that direction by completing the course of 5.5 years which also include internship.

B.U.M.S (Bachelor of Unani medicine and Surgery):

Unani medicine is a sort of treatment in India that makes use of regimental treatment venasection, Turkish bath, rubdown, work out, employment of herbal, mineral and animal drugs, surgery. A person wishing in a career in medical field in unani medicine has to complete B.U.M.S which is an undergraduate degree curriculum in Unani Medicine as well as Surgery. An applicant for B.U.M.S must have cleared Senior Secondary (12th Standard) or Inter-mediate exam having the Science subjects among his/her subjects. This course is of duration of 4.5 years and includes three professional exams during its tenure. A person on completing the 3rd Professional Exam is qualified to complete a rotatory internship of 12 months in renowned institute hospital.


A Pharmacist is a health care professional making use of their proficiency in medication to assist people to be aware of the medications that they’re having, the way in which they are of help, and how the way they react. Pharmacists in addition take part in disease-state administration, optimizing and monitoring the medicine treatment or interpreting medical laboratory outcomes, in partnership with medical doctors and/or further wellbeing experts. A person wishing to become a pharmacist should complete the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree which is commonly called B. Pharma. It’s a 4 year course having both yearly and semester plans. For a person to be eligible for this course he/she must have procured at least 50% marks in passing the 10 + 2 (or its corresponding examination) and must have had biology/mathematics among his/her subjects.


Physiotherapy helps in maintaining optimal physical condition and functions of a human body. It entails the evaluation, preservation, reinstatement of the physical function of the body, and is suggested very much for individuals having degenerative disorder, the bodily challenged, sporting people and ones experiencing neurological disorders. The core abilities made use of by one choosing a career in medical fieldof aphysiotherapist consist of manual treatment, exercise science, mobilization, and the use of electro-physical modalities. It makes the most of movement possibilities through by means of promotion, precautionary health-care, cure and rehabilitation. A person choosing a career in medical field asa physiotherapist ought to select the course called BTP which is of duration of 4 years. A Candidate for this course ought to have cleared Pre-University exam / 10 + 2 pattern with
Physics, English, Chemistry and Biology being their elective subjects.

Medical Laboratory Technician:

also known as a clinical laboratory technician carries out everyday laboratory measures on tissue, blood, and additional corporal fluids making use of instruments like chemicals, microscopes, computers, and intricate laboratory tools.  Medical Laboratory Technician usually carries out such responsibilities under the direction of a medical laboratory scientist, pathologist, or additional professionals specializing in organic sciences. The technician is knowledgeable about precise procedures and appliances and can make out factors which directly have an effect on procedures and consequences. A Medical laboratory technician is able to specialize in any among five diverse areas, which are chemistry, blood banking, immunology, hematology, or microbiology. He/she is also asked to inform other medical workers on the lab results, preserve equipment, and preserve laboratory accounts.

Sanitary inspector:

Sanitary inspector is a health professional, who is in charge of carrying out of hygienic control in a state in a variety of fields. Such fields are shared hygiene, nutrition hygiene, epidemiology, adolescent hygiene as well as labor hygiene. The chief objective of this health activity, that’s widespread and intricate in character, is keeping the surroundings clean, therefore safeguarding it, to guarantee fine physical condition of the public. A person making a choice from careers in medical fieldasa sanitary inspector ought to select the course called the Sanitary Inspector Course. An applicant for this course ought to have cleared the Class 10 and Class 12 board examinations with science being among his/her subjects.


This entails the care for various patients having universal medical or surgical requirements.  In a lot of ways a general nurses is the spine of the nursing line of work.  Experts of general nursing provide universal and also intricate care for patients ranging from the very ill, to the ones requiring help with extensive care in this society. A careerin general nursing requires The General Nursing Training Course which is of duration of Three and a half years. Applicants for this course ought to have cleared at least the 10+2 board exams having Chemistry, Physics, and Biology among their subjects. It is one of most common careers option in medical field pursued by girls.


Though it is difficult to establish ones repute in the beginning. But once credibility and expertise is gained then there is lot of demand for the good physicians and surgeons. With India fast developing as a health tourism destination, there is immense scope for the medical professionals to cure ailments as well as advice on healthier lifestyles.



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