Highest paid IT jobs in India

IT jobs are quite popular these days especially because of the increasing number of IT training colleges mushrooming all over the country. Like there is no dearth of professional IT workers, the job field too holds a lot of potential vacancies. However there are many small IT companies that hire employees at low pay rate and make them work till their last breath! In order to get desired pay package and additional benefits, employees need to train themselves on the correct fields and choose job opportunities that are worth their interest.

Following is the list of Highest Paying IT Jobs

Chief Information Officer:

 The job of a Chief Information Officer is one of the most esteemed jobs in the IT sector. The role of a personnel appointed at this post is to handle all the IT infrastructure and information related tasks of the organization. This basically involves backup and recovery, cloud based services, etc. A Chief Information Officer should be such that he/she can capitalize on the new emerging trends in order to cut costs but achieve the desired goals. There is a lot of demand for Chief Information Officer in the field. The salary for a Chief Information Officer ranges from 15 to 25 Lakhs per annum.


Chief Security Officer:

 One of the finest and high paying jobs in Software field is that of a Chief Security Officer. The job of a Chief Security Officer is to handle all the physical and digital safety of the organization. However, in the IT field, their chief focus is on information security. This is quite an important task keeping in mind how frequently the websites get hacked, cyber frauds happen, etc. So, the Chief Security Officer designs, implements, evaluates and brings reform in the network and information security of an organization. This is a very reputed and lucrative career option in the IT field.. The salary for a Chief Security Officer ranges from 12 to 18 Lakhs per annum


Network Architect:

 Another good software job that pays well is that of a Network Architect. The role of a Network Architect is to design and create telecommunication and computer networks. This position has always been in a state of flux because, though the demand for Network Architect is high, many organizations are considering outsourcing option over hiring in-built Network Architect. Nonetheless, the great pay and opportunities have maintained the job of a Network Architect as an alluring option among the young talent. The job has bright outlook and a wide range of opportunities to offer. The salary for a Network Architect ranges from 10 to 15 Lakhs per annum.


 IT Manager:

  Bachelor or Masters Degree in IT or Specialized Diploma in relevant subject is the required qualification for this along with experience. Job responsibilities include deployment and support, general autonomy, regional or global supervision of IT infrastructure and many more. An IT manager with 10 years experience can draw a salary of 10-18 lakhs per annum.

Software development manager/Senior engineer:

Required qualification is degree or diploma in software development and application. Roles and responsibilities include managing resources and workers associated with various software projects. With 10-12 years experience one can draw 7.5-10 lakhs per annum for this post.

Developer (Web/software application):

Degree or diploma in web development or software development. Responsibilities include development of web applications, software applications using various technical platforms. average salary for a 4-8 years experienced professional is  5-8 lakhs per annum.

System administrator:

Diploma or degree in system administration required. Roles include managing IT system infrastructure or supervising subordinates and providing training and support on regular basis. Salary ranges from 3-6 lakhs per annum.

IT security professional:

Diploma or degree in relevant field along with hands on experience. Job responsibilities are Design, implementation, assessment, managing vital security tasks and many more. Managing antivirus, exposure assessment and security monitoring are other core responsibilities. Minimum salary of IT security professionals start from 5.5 lakhs per annum and it can go much higher depending on the skill sets of an employee.

These are few of the highest paying It jobs in India; however with ongoing advancement of technology, new alleys of growth and earning opportunities are showing up.

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