Career in Web Designing: Scope Jobs and Courses!

Career in Web Designing -

Career in Web Designing –

Introduction to web designing:

Web designing is an integral part of any IT industry and it deals with designing the identity of that particular industry for its online community. It has to design the part of identity a particular company need for the World Wide Web users. It demands high level of creativity and perfection as well as uniqueness. A career in web designing in India is not just confined with layout of the website rather it stretches from graphics to animations.

The basic course of web designing covers the study of Web languages such as HTML, Java Scripts, and multimedia software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.


Scope in Web designing :

With the booming IT industry across the world, the internet has become one of the most important means of communication today and web sites are the lifelines of the internet. So career scope in web designing is tremendous and career opportunities are good. With the inevitable need of websites for any institute or company, the hunt for efficient web designers, who can create professional websites, is ever compelling. These professionals are required in every field of industry from large firms to educational institutes, to small business to personal uses.


Web Designing Jobs in India :

The career of web designer starts as a trainee web designer with IT company for a period of about 6-12 months in India. This will enable the person to jump to the next level of job designation as medium level web designer and ultimately one will be able to become a senior web designer then Team leader then Manager and so on.Similarly, the salary of web designer in India scale exhibit variations, i.e., a trainee designer’s salary ranges between 6000 to 9000 rupees per month, a medium designer’s salary would be around 20,000 rupees per month and a senior web designer’s wage would be more than that.The common designations offered to web designers are: web designer, graphic designer, flash designer, etc. Frankly speaking, the internet business has grown out of boundaries and there is great scope for these people in large companies of IT sectors irrespective of competition.One can also go for web designer freelance jobs, by taking projects online and work independently.


Courses in Web Designing :

Web designing courses in India run across the country by different institutes ranging from small to larger ones and such courses can be completed within one year like certification courses. Or one can go for professional multimedia degree(under graduate, post Graduate) or diploma which are of 3years duration such as B.Sc in Multimedia and web design. A degree has more value than short term course. Some of the well known institutes providing web designing courses in India are Arena Animation Academies, Aptech Institutes, MAAC(Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics), FrameBoxx animation and visual effects etc.


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