Now Study from Home – With Online Degree Programs in India

Are you looking forward to online distance education opportunities? Do you wish to pursue an online degree program along with your job? Do you want to know about the online degree programs available in India? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place!

What is Online Degree Program and how it Works?

Online distance education is means of education in which a student receives education through the means of internet as compared to the traditional means of classroom. Study material, assignments, evaluations, etc. are passed on online. The physical presence of the

Now Study from Home – With Online Degree Programs in India

Now Study from Home – With Online Degree Programs in India

subject and the tutor is not required. Though students can receive online tutorials and guidance from their teachers in the institute with which they have enrolled.Pursuing online degree programs is a good option for especially those students who can’t afford to go to a regular college and for those people who are already doing a job but wish to keep themselves updated. A lot of students and people doing jobs have now started to consider the possibility of online distance education to acquire higher education and further their job prospects. The online education industry is booming these days thanks to countless good educational institutes offering quality online degree programs. From medicine, marketing, business administration to forensics, there are so many courses available in India that one can consider studying. So, no matter from which field you belong, you will surely find an online degree program suitable for you. You just need to do some homework research the best institutes offering a comprehensive curriculum.

Some of the educational institutes in India offering excellent online degree programs have been enlisted below:

  • The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata, is an internationally recognized medicine training institute. Their online degree programs include Doctor of Holistic Medicine; Doctor of Literature in Alternative Medicine; Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines; Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture; Doctor of Medicine in Electro Homeopathy; Doctor of Naturopathy/Natural Medicine; Doctor of Oriental Medicine; Masters in Psychotherapy & Counseling;Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicine; Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines; and so many more.


  • Sujok Association of India is a reputed Delhi based educational institute. Their online degree courses include Basic (I) Training which involves 5 Systems of Acupressure, Yin Yang Principle, Color Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Moxa/ Herb Therapy, Seed Therapy and Chakra Healing; Basic (II) Advanced Training which involves Acupuncture, Advanced Color Therapy, Advanced Magnet Therapy, 5 Elements, Reason Activity Treatment, Emotional Treatment and Mental Level Treatment.


  • Peers Technologies is another IT training educational institute based in Hyderabad. This institute offers a variety of online degree programs for Testing Tools, SAP-SD, SAP-ABAP HR, SAP-BASIS, SAP-MM, SAP HR/HCM, other SAP programs, Oracle, Oracle DBA, Core Java, ADV Java & J2EE, ASP.NET, PHP, Biztalk Server, C with DS, C++, Cloud Computing, PMP, VBA Excel, Data Warehousing, etc.


  • Integral Institute of Materials & Supply Chain Management is a Jaipur based career training institute. Their distance learning programs are for MBA students. The online degree offered by this institute include Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management, Executive MBA in Materials Management, MBA in Store Management, MBA in Supply Chain & Logistics Management and MBA in Materials Management.


  • Another Jaipur based educational institute offering distance education is Indian Institute of Management & Research. Their online degree programs include B.Tech for all streams; M.Tech for all streams; MBA in Finance, Marketing, HR, Materials Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management Operations and International Business; and EMBA in Finance, Marketing, HR,Materials Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management Operations, International Business and Environmental Management.


  • NIBM Global is an ISO certified institute in Chennai that has been offering distance learning opportunities. Their online degree programs include MBA and EMA courses with elective in Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Retail Management, Project Management, Materials Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management, International Trade Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management and Information Technology.


  • IFS India Forensic Education Department is an esteemed educational institute offering a variety of courses in forensic sciences. Their online degree programs include Forensic Sciences; Forensic Psychology; Questioned Documents and Handwriting; Crime Scene Investigation; Cyber Crimes, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Law and Cyber Security; Criminology & Indian Laws, DNA Fingerprinting; Fingerprint Verification; Forensic Photography; Forensic Graphology; Wildlife Forensics; Private Investigator; and Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examiner.

There are so many more distance learning and other educational institutes offering a lot of opportunities to students who wish to pursue online degree programs. While selecting an institute for a particular online degree program, you need to consider a few things. First, their courses and course structure must be good; second, the mode of receiving and sending the assignments, their evaluation report, etc. must be clear; and lastly, the degree you will be getting after the completion of the course should be of some value as only then there is any use of availing it.