What are High Paying Job Options in Arts Stream?

Art stream offers an  in-depth study of subjects like Literature, Sociology, Economics,Acting, Music,Dancing, Political Science, Geography, History and others.   For students who wish to pursue a career in this stream must be creative and should possess the basic knowledge of the field. The stream of arts has many doors for those who wish to pursue it. But pursue it for the love and knowledge of art.  Rest all will soon fall into place.


Here’s  the list of the Highest Paying Job Options in India in the stream of Arts.


Acting and Modeling:

The glamour industry is in constant demand of new talent and faces. The modeling and acting industry can be a rewarding field if the person has the talent,creativity and the luck to win several hearts.  There are many modeling institutes  as well as the acting schools in country which especially train the aspiring models and actors under the guidance of renowned industry expert. Salary is entirely dependent on the name and fame earned in the industry.

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Animator and Graphic Design Artists:

Both the profession requires expertise in understanding art  of drawing and designing as well as the technical knowledge of designing

software. The profession of animation and graphic design has opened gates to employment for many creative artists. Annual Salary in the field of animation and graphic designing include around 5-6 lakhs per annum. One can also make a lot of money in the field by freelancing for various clients.Recently many production housed from Bollywood has started using special visual effects, as well as producing animated movies in collaboration with international studios such as Walt Disney, animators and graphics artists are in high demand for such projects.

Graphic Design Artists Career options


Audio Visual Media Professionals (Radio Jockeys / Voice Over Artists):

Other professional choices include the job of a radio jockey/voice over artist/visual media professionals.  This requires training and learning from institutes which specialize in the field.These professions require person to be talkative creative and have dynamic voice as well as personality.With the opening of new radio channels these people are in great demand. They are paid handsome ranging from 50k-1l per month depending upon ability and experience.



Journalism  is a profession related to the reporting of facts and figures. With the increase in private channels and mediums of communication, the journalist can earn a living by freelancing too.  The career opportunities are available in variety of mediums like that of broadcast media, print media, interactive media and many more. It is one of the highest paying career options in the field of arts. The salary is entirely dependent on the organization and the post.


Fashion Designing :

One can make a career in the field of fashion designing if he is creative enough and have passion for designing clothing collections. The opportunities are vast and completely depend on the talent of the individual.

Career as a Fashion Designer


Interior Designing

Interior designing involves creativity, imaginative and artistic skills to decorate an interior space according to client requirements and given theme. Interior Designers provide designing solutions so as to best utilize the space and giving it an attractive look. So the person has to be very creative, imaginative, disciplined and  able to communicate as well as understand client needs clearly.


Hotel Management and Hospitality:

With the growing number of hotels and restaurants in the field of food and beverage industry, the demand for hotel managers and other officials have been increasing in numbers. The stream of arts train the officials in effective communication skills and many more skills. The career options available are that of a receptionist, housekeeper,account man, sales officer and of marketing in the hotel industry. The job demands that the person should be humble and soft-spoken.  The average salary in the field can range between 45-70 thousand a month. It is expected to increase as per the experience of the candidate.   http://www.chakreview.com/careers-and-education/career-options-in-arts

Apart from  these option one can also go for below mentioned High Paying Jobs:


IAS Officer:

The IAS officers hold an important position in the Union Government.  Recruitment is made on the basis of the marks obtained in the IAS exam, which is supposedly, very difficult to crack. Students who have a grduate degree can polish their knowledge in some of the subjects which are similar to the prescribed syllabus in the examination. The student will develop a keen knowledge in the subject of political science, sociology,law, literature, economics which are taught in the stream of arts. Highest Salary in the field can range from 13-14 lakhs per  annum. It’s a government job and it involves other perks as well



A person in the field of law should be qualified with a specialized degree in law. The stream of arts can be very helpful in shaping the knowledge related to the political,economical and social conditions in a nation which helps a lawyer in studying and understanding the cases. According to the Patna High court, the average salary of a lawyer can be around 7 lakhs per annum.  It is also dependent on the years of experience gained in the field of law.

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It is a prestigious position to hold.  The job is satisfying in both ways professionally and personally. To hold a position of professor, the candidate should possess a master’s degree in any subject of arts. He/She must clear the B.ED examination conducted for the official qualification of a faculty/professor in a recognized university.  The professor is offered an annual salary of around 7 lakhs along with various perks associated with the job.


Career options are many in the field of arts. What’s  most important is that the student must be aware of his/her skills. What he/she is capable of doing. Ultimately, it is the aptitude and the skill of the student which will result in a growing career prospect. Studying and learning a stream should be done for the pure joy of attaining knowledge.  One can be a path-breaker in all these fields by doing something great for humanity and society in general.  It is ultimately your best work which will result in a growing career in the field of arts. But what’s most important is  to acknowledge the required aptitude for it. Rest all will follow soon.


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