A Career in Cloud Computing : Lets Analyze!

As the field of technology is widening fast in India, the opportunities on this platform are also fast spreading and increasing. And among these opportunities there is a new career in cloud computing.



Career in cloud computing


‘Cloud computing’ is the latest technology that is set to make the lives easier for the people working in the tech-giant organizations and the IT sector, who keep dealing with vast amount of data and information on a regular basis. A lot of institutions today are ready to invest heavily in this technology, and that shows the future growth of this offbeat technology. And a career in cloud computing? One of the new interesting career options!


According to a survey conducted by Zinnov (an international IT consulting firm), the cloud computing market is said to be over 70 billion dollars globally. And in the same period, India will be creating over 3-4 lakh job opportunities.


The salary levels are also very much attractive. A professional with around 5-6 years of experience should be getting around 12 lakhs per annum. A mid-level professional is bound to get over 20 lakhs, and a guy with 10-15 years experience should hope to get over 30 lakh.


Why cloud computing?


There might be questions as to why one should make a career in cloud computing. What is the catch?


Most of the big enterprises today are under constant pressure to innovate and improve their services in order to stay ahead of the competition. Though the intelligence provided by the IT infrastructure is state of the art, there is still the growing need for a better technology to fight the heavy competition. And an answer to this is cloud computing.


One important thing that everyone should understand is that incorporating the cloud technology does not at all mean that the companies will fire employees as now things can be done with less number of people; rather, the companies will start even more skilled professionals to manage this cloud technology.


One more strong reason why computing is the trending career option right now is that the applications of this cloud computing technology are limitless. The IT world is changing, just like always. Only those people who are able to observe the change and upgrade their skills to the upcoming technology, can survive.


How to build a career in cloud computing?


Now that we have discussed why a career cloud computing would be golden, let’s move to the next important part. How can one build a career in cloud computing.


Before getting into this field of cloud computing technology, one has to equip himself with the skills required. One can do this by earning certifications in the cloud computing training programmes and workshops. If one is already in a company that is about to adapt this technology, then it is better he positions himself so that he will be receiving cloud projects on a regular basis. This not only makes one exposed to this technology, but also makes him familiar to the technology and a salary hike is possible.


Where can one find cloud computing opportunities?


Technology giants like IBM, Infosys, Microsoft, HCL etc are providing large number of resources to cloud initiatives. Even companies like VMware and Cloud Sigma prove to be a wonderful place to work. People with training and experience in information technology, computer science, software engineering, and also related fields have most of the cloud computing job opportunities presently and in the future.


Job prospects for Cloud Computing


According to a study conducted by the IDC (International Data Corporation), the future of the Indian IT industry lies in the cloud, and this technology is set to produce over 2 million jobs in India by 2015.


Because of this technology, the growth rate of jobs in various segments is set to increase by leaps and bounds. The details are as followed:


–          Banking : 27 %

–          Media and communications : 31 %

–          Education : 29 %

–          Government : 26 %

–          Resource industries : 33 %

–          Insurance : 28 %

–          Health care : 26 %

–          Retail : 24 %

–          Process manufacturing : 26 %


IT giants like Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, NIIT, HCL etc. are sound prospects for this technology. So to say, cloud computing technology is all set to revolutionize the IT industry in India, and also the lives of the people working with it!