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Starting a business by leaving job – you need to read this!

Starting a business by leaving job - you need to read this - Chakreview

The first rule of starting a business is coming out of your comfort zone and be welcoming to all grilling changes in your schedule. Most of the days you are going to end up playing multiple roles and have no alternative person to delegate your duties to. For the first half of the day, you might be the BOSS addressing a job meeting, then you might be a sales person hunting for clients, you might also be a tech person helping employees resolve issues in their work equipment or may turn into an office boy at times ensuring your pantry is adequately stocked. During this phase, you cannot afford to have an ego or consider any task below your stature. So before you put papers down at your office, think how comfortable you will be running from pillar to post to sustain your new venture. And remember, it is going to be grueling and there will be shortcut to achieve success.

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What to do when boss takes credit of your work?

What to do when boss takes credit of your work - Chakreview

When you share your idea with your boss the next time and they agree to push forward your thoughts, make sure you raise a concern about credit sharing. The best technique is to be precautious before you undergo the same problem again.

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Review: Digital Marketing Industry in India

Review Digital Marketing Industry in India - Chakreview

Digital Marketing is developing at a fast pace in India. As the web clients are expanding step by step, web based business industry is additionally on a hike. Organizations are moving their promotion spending plan from customary advertising to advanced digital marketing. A brand can no longer afford to ignore or under weigh the game of social media marketing or SEO analytics. The brands have realised that the consumption of information has changed; it has shifted from print and TV to the Internet. Even the medium of consumption has seen a shift- people are now consuming maximum information on their mobile phones and to reach them on their handsets, digital marketing is the definite way .

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