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Review: Biotechnology Industry in India

Review Biotechnology Industry in India - Chakreview

The diversity in India- in terms of population, flora and fauna, India provides great opportunities for genomics and prospecting of new drugs.Indian government’s policy on GM crops has also encouraged the business of Agri-biotech companies.With our vast and varied profiles of patients, India also provides great research opportunities in the field of clinical research and trials.
Within the last two-three years, India has witnessed major investments in biotechnology sector. A lot of multinational companies in this field have shown their interest in setting up their units in India to extend their operations in Asia. With high investor interest and developing infrastructure, by 2030, India’s biotechnology sector will be counted in the top three players of this field. Plus such huge investment would mean more employment opportunities for India’s young workforce. 

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Salary Satisfaction Survey: City & Industry wise

Salary Satisfaction Survey City & Industry wise - Chakreview

The maximum and the lowest percentage of salary satisfaction were shown by both South Indian Cities. While Bangalore accounts for the highest level of salary-related satisfaction i.e., 63 per cent, Chennai accounts for the lowest salary-related satisfaction i.e., 46 per cent.
The second city to provide better salary satisfaction is Pune (Maharashtra) at 57 per cent satisfaction.
The third and the fourth city to provide average level of salary-satisfaction are Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh/Telangana) with 54 per cent satisfaction level and 51 per cent satisfaction level, respectively.
The nation capital, New Delhi, fares bad in this list with just 49 per cent salary-satisfaction level.

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Startups would be drivers of Job growth: IT experts

Startups would be drivers of Job growth - Chakreview

The whole Startup a phenomenon has not only led to solutions of existing consumer problems in a unique manner but also has generated lot of direct and indirect employment for individuals. The employment opportunities are not only limited to e –commerce only, but has in fact impacted the entire value chain with logistics, warehousing, customer support among others. If one has to look at how it has impacted job creation in an indirect manner, well one can always argue that it has given platform to small sellers, vendors, artisans, women to promote their crafts, goods, and services. Moreover, with different government initiatives like Make in India, Skill India, Digital India, among others, the Startup story towards growth and job creation compliments each other and works as ancillary units.

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