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Career as an Air Hostess after 12th

Career as an Air Hostess - Chakreview

The role of a professional working as an Air Hostess with an airline is to serve its passengers and the crew. Their job duties and responsibilities also include ensuring the safety of the passengers and crew members. They also have to ensure that the flight for the passengers is stress free and comfortable. Air Hostesses are provided with extensive emergency training so that in case such scenarios emerge, they can act quickly and effectively. These emergency situations vary from handling a passenger with emergent medical need to planning and executing evacuation, etc. One has to choose between working with private or public sector airlines. You will come across many great opportunities to explore in this career.

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Career as a Dermatologist

Career as a Dermatologist - Chakreview

Career as dermatologist is flourishing at great heights these days as people have become more and more conscious about their skin and health. Dermatologist is a trained physician who treats the conditions and diseases related to the skin. Staring from fungal diseases to irritating bacterial diseases, dermatologists are trained to cure such conditions. Even cancerous …

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Career in Photography in India

Career in Photography in India - Chakreview

The scope of a career as a professional Photographer has a lot of scope in the present scenario. The field holds great potential for further growth and development as a professional. With people appreciating photography as an art, the need for professional photographers in the market is increasing like never before. There are so many reputed and well established agencies offering great job prospects to those interested in this career. Photography is quite a good paying job and creatively satisfying too.

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How to Deal with Workplace & Office Politics?

How to Deal with Workplace & Office Politics - Chakreview

Office politicking is a common term among workers of every class. Whether you have a white collar job in a multinational or you are a supervisor in a mid-level manufacturing, we all have come across those who are eager to gain personal advantage on somebody else’s expense. The term ‘office politics’ has a negative undertone …

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How do you know it’s time to quit your job?

How do you know it’s time to quit your job - Chakreview

The first sign that tells you clearly to leave your job is your wish to read this article. If you have been happy and contented with your current job profile, you wouldn’t have clicked on this title or page. There is a reason why you are here, and it is bothering you mentally. If you deny this observation of ours, then you may read on the 10 signs indicating you to change your job.

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Career as an Employment Recruiter

Career as an Employment Recruiter - Chakreview

The main role of an Employment Recruiter is to look for potential recruits through sources such as internal candidate database, Job Portals, referrals, professional associations and a variety of networking resources. They then approach them and schedule interviews. During interviews, they sit with the HR team to assess the strengths and weakness of the candidate against the demands and requirements of the job and then make recommendations on the basis of their professional opinion. During the employment process, they engage in negotiation of wage rates and makes the candidate well aware of the terms and conditions of the employment. It is important for an Employment Recruiter to establish and maintain an extensive network with potential clients and candidates. There are certain skills required for this job which includes analytical skills, communication and interpersonal skills, organization and managerial skills, negotiation and reasoning skills, judgment skills etc.

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Highest paying industries in India for 2017-18 : Randstad Survey

Highest paying industries in India Survey -

Surveys analyzed that FMCG industry employees receive the highest payment in India with a standard average annual CTC (cost-to-company) at Rs 11.3 lakh. The 2017 Randstad Salary Trend Study findings also showed that in FMCG industry, employees across all the levels and functions are being paid higher salary than their counterparts in other sectors.
The FMCG industry is followed by Information Technology sector and Power sector, where employees across all talent levels and functions are paid average annual wage of Rs 9.8 lakh and Rs 9.3 lakh, respectively.

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Can Banking Sector witness Job Losses with Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence coming into play?

Every white-collar job in India has 27 graduates fighting over it: Study

With an aim to enhance customer experience and bring more efficiency to the work, financial sector plans to implement Chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI). Banks have strictly maintained that the use of ‘computer programs to communicate with human users’ will not snatch away the jobs from those currently employed in the banking sector. Whereas Experts …

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Salary increment Survey 2017-18: KPMG report

Salary increment Survey 2017-18 KPMG report - Chakreview

This appraisal season has proved to be delightful for those working in the e-commerce sector as they are the ones who have taken home the highest salary increment, as per a recent survey conducted by one of the big 4 consulting firms, KPMG. Theyconducted the survey among 263 companies from different industry verticals/sectors. E-commerce gets …

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