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To Kill Two Birds PAK and China with one Arrow

By raising the Balochistan issue at the international level, India is achieving dual goal of defeating both neighbour enemies with single diplomatic move. It will elevate the costs of the CPEC project, given the fact that China has spent a whopping $46 billion in this deal up till now.The Gwadar port is one of the largest CPEC project in the Balochistan region. China is focusing on this project to reduce its dependence on Malacca Straits, so that it can conveniently connect through Karakoram Range with the Indian Ocean. Malacca Straits is an area where China currently faces elevated aggression.

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Triple Talaq and Politics of votes: Time to end this

As the Triple Talaq concept has a religious angle, it also encompasses the Shia-Sunni perspective. This practice is majorly practiced by the followers of Sunni community whereas it has been scrapped by the Shia followers all over the world. Some Muslim nations follow modern laws while handling the divorce cases. Turkey is such a nation.

Time has come to end this practice which led to exploitation of Muslim women for decades, even Islamic countries have stopped this practice , but here it was kept alive only to secure votes of certain section by pseudo seculars.

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