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Indian Stock Market Scam by Harshad Mehta: Implications – Case Study

Indian Stock Market Scam by Harshad Mehta Implications - Case Study - Chakreview.com

In the early 1990s, every bank in India was supposed to maintain Statutory Liquidity Ratio, i.e. a particular amount of their deposits were to be in the form of government bonds. They were also to submit a balance sheet with full details by the end of the day showing the capital that has been invested …

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Chartered Accountant Exam Preparation Guide

Chartered accountant is a chronicle profile with wide career prospects standing at its gateway. After science, commerce has proved itself to be a promising field with forthcoming opportunities for students who are motivated to be in finance sector. Finance sector is the most integral part of any company and requires talented, driven and furnished employees …

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Career as a News Anchor – Let’s Analyze

Career as a News Anchor – Chakreview.com

One of the most flourishing and rapidly expanding field is that of media and mass communication. There are so many new, creative and attractive careers emerging from this industry. One such career is that of a News or a TV Anchor. If you desire to become a News or TV Anchor and wish to acquire …

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Career as an Interior Designer: Let’s Analyze

The chief role of an Interior Designer is to interact with the client and create a brief which will hold the details regarding what are the requirements of the client and how the space is to be used. They also go to the site for inspection and survey. They then create interior designing plans for the client and supervise its entire execution. There are certain skills than an Interior Designer needs to have. For instance, they should have good interpersonal and communication skills, excellent spatial thinking, analytical and logical thinking, an eye for detail, ability to work on deadline oriented work, a creative streak, understanding of colors, etc.

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