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Highest Paying Bank Jobs in India

Highest Paying Bank Jobs in India -

Bank jobs both government and private, are the most attractive jobs for any eligible candidate in India. These jobs come with great pay, amazing perks and added benefits. With the growth of banking sector, the prospects and opportunities have increased commendably in the last few years, thereby presenting itself as an even more alluring career option.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Petroleum Industry in India

Petroleum industry is one of the finest industries in India at present. The sector has been showing impressive growth and expansion. It has been making a lot of progress and becoming financially strong too. The Petroleum industry has been attracting talent for various levels of jobs.

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Sleeper Cells: New Tactic used by terrorists, how they operate?

Sleeper Cells New Tactic used by terrorists, how they operate -

A sleeper cell can be defined as a group of people who remain inconspicuously dormant within a community up till the time they get activated by a signal that has been prearranged by their head to carry out acts of sabotage, espionage or terrorism. It is a new and perhaps the most insidious tactics employed by terrorist organizations. Every sleeper agent gets specialized training in their home countries after which they are assigned to adapt to another nation’s society and culture. A sleeper agent lives a life like any other normal person going about their daily duties. They remain uncover for many years at length until they receive the message for activation.

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What Actions to take if Builder Delays Possession of your Home?

What Actions to take if Builder Delays Possession of your Home -

First and foremost, you have the right to file a consumer complaint on the grounds of deficiency in service as has been defined in the(CPA) Consumer Protection Act (1986) against the builder. The written complaint is to be filed prior to the setup of the appropriate consumer redressal forum under the CPA. A home buyer can claim for their losses even if the possession has been delayed by a day. When a legal action is taken against the builder, the developer comes under trouble as the buyer can claim money required to purchase an alternate accommodation in the respective area or they can even claim the money they have deposited with the builder.

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