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SWOT Analysis of Modi Government: Can he deliver?

One of the greatest strengths of the Modi Government is that it is united under a leader that has an emphatic popular mandate. Also, since it is a trimmed cabinet, the chances of policy paralysis will be reduced. It will also make the decision making process faster. Another strength is that they have opted for merit as the criteria for selection over dynasty and coalition compulsions. As a leader, Modi’s biggest strength is that he is an economic pragmatist. He has shown great record of getting things accomplished. His Gujarat model of development and Vibrant Gujarat are the examples of the same

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What is Ram Setu , why so much controversy around it?

Ram Setu- The Adam's Bridge

Ram Setu (also called The Adam’s bridge) is the bridge that is believed to have been built by Lord Ram between India and Sri Lanka some million years ago. In the year 2001, when NASA first released the images of the bridge, it left people in awe that even after such a long time the bridge existed.

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What are High Paying Job Options in Arts Stream?

What are High Paying Job Options in Arts Stream - chakreview.com

Art stream offers an in-depth study of subjects like Literature, Sociology, Economics,Acting, Music,Dancing, Political Science, Geography, History and others. For students who wish to pursue a career in this stream must be creative and should possess the basic knowledge of the field. The stream of arts has many doors for those who wish to pursue it. But pursue it for the love and knowledge of art. Rest all will soon fall into place.

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