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Right to Education Act: Is it helping in achieving National education mission?

Right to Education Act- Analysis - Chakreview.com

To put in a single line, the RTE act is more of a collection of loopholes in regard to quality education and funding, teacher availability and skills and discrimination. And will this act help in achieving national educational mission? Definitely not, if the loopholes remain loopholes. There should be quality education on the government schools also

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A Career in Cloud Computing : Lets Analyze!

According to a study conducted by the IDC (International Data Corporation), the future of the Indian IT industry lies in the cloud, and this technology is set to produce over 2 million jobs in India by 2015.

Because of this technology, the growth rate of jobs in various segments is set to increase by leaps and bounds. The details are as followed

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Cloud Computing Technology: Why Tech Giants are betting heavily on it?

Cloud Computing Technology - Chakreview.com

Cloud computing technology is a way of sharing of applications and services via the internet. In other words, it is an internet-based computing, where different services (servers, applications), are delivered to an organization’s computer systems and devices through the internet.

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