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IT Cyber Act & sec. 66A: Does Technology policing hurting Right to Speak ?

IT Cyber Act & sec. 66A Does Technology policing hurting Right to Speak - Chakreview.com

Section 66A of the IT Cyber Act prescribes punishments for sending offensive messages through any mode of communication etc. This section of the act, which when amended, received comments from lawyers and legal academicians as something unconstitutional, meaning that the act doesn’t support the rights that are included in our Indian Constitution. In simple words, the Section 66A of the IT cyber act, doesn’t support the Right to Speech which is included in our constitution.

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Direct Cash Transfer Scheme: Will it remove middleman Corruption or just a Political Gimmick?

Direct cash transfer scheme- Will it remove middleman corruption or just a political gimmick - Chakreview.com

The amount of money is directly transferred into the bank accounts of the specific beneficiaries. Many subsidies related to services and household items amounts, scholarship funds etc. will be directly transferred into the people’s bank accounts. This makes the entire process easy and simple.

All such political parties, including Congress, are trying to retain the rural areas by introducing such schemes. They are bent to introduce such pork-barrel schemes like direct cash transfer, in order to keep the poor to remain poor. Seeing all these facts, more weight can be put on the side that the direct cash transfer scheme is more of a political gimmick, which is played in order to ensure that the poor stay in their place, without developing at all. But can we completely rely on the present facts; or rather wait to see how this scheme is going to work out?

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Corruption in School Admissions in Delhi : The Bloody Business of Education!

Corruption in School Admissions in Delhi - Chakreview.com Report

The total number of schools in Delhi is around 5,500. And if we look at the fees figures, we are bound to get shocked. Most of the nursery schools in Delhi charge more than IIT. If we look at the present fee structure in IITs, it is around 50,000 per annum. In addition to this, hostelites are also required to pay an extra 20,000 for food, accommodation and other facilities. On the other hand, reputed nursery schools in Delhi charge over 75,000 per annum as admission fees alone. The annual fees is a whopping 1,70,000 and besides all this, there are extra charges which amount to another 50,000 for transport and other facilities.

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