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An analysis of US vs. Indian election process and Parliamentary system!

An analysis of US vs. Indian election process and Parliamentary system! -

It is said that the American way of elections is one of the most open and democratic. In most countries, the election phase lasts only for a few weeks, but the American elections go on for months, that is, the presidential candidates have to run a marathon. The US presidential elections are also one of the simplest, as the candidates are directly voted by the people. The US election process spreads in four steps

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Bangalore: The IT hub of India!

Bangalore - The IT hub of India -

In a way, we can say Bangalore is a conglomeration of many IT companies, most of them being one of the largest in India and also in the world. A few examples are : Accenture, IBM, Cisco, HP, Dell etc. The marvelous infrastructure and quality education, plus the technological flair of young people have attracted many MNCs to make Bangalore their primary hub. The constant improvement in the field of education and infrastructure too had played a pivotal role in boosting the economy of the city on a global scale.

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Honour killing in India: A shameful act on the name of false prestige!

Honour killing in India -

The frequency of honour killings have been on the rise in the northern regions of India, with the states of Punjab, Haryana and UP topping the list. These honour killings are directed towards women or girls, and are a result of marriages that happen without the permission of the family, or those that happen with the girl and boy belonging to two different caste groups or religions. In contrast to this, honour killings are close to null in the south Indian states as well as north western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Statistics have given extremely painful and sad results. Over 1000 young people are killed in India in the name of honour killing every year. Punjab has got the credit of having the highest number of honour killings in the country, with 34 honour killings being reported in the state between 2008 and 2010.

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