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Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer: Where are we heading?

Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer Where are we heading

The economic equality in our nation has doubled in our country in the last two decades. And this has made India the worst performer amongst the developing nations. What is more ‘contributing’ to this widening phenomenon is that the top 10 % of the economy earn 12 times more than the bottom 10 %. When it comes to the middle line of the economy, that is the middle class, it is again the top 10 % that calls the shots. They make 5 times more than the median people, while the medians make just 0.4 % more than the bottom 10 %.

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Generic Drugs: What are they and how can they help you?

Generic Drugs What are they and how can they help you -

A generic medicine is identical or bioequivalent version of branded medicine, which is developed and distributed without patent protection; hence they are dirt cheap in cost. The active substances present, the dosage and treatment of the generic medicines are same as the branded medicines only colour, taste, shape or inactive substances may different. The only differences between a generic and a branded medicine might be its name, appearance and packaging.
The active substance of a generic medicine is what gives it its therapeutic effect. The manufacturer can use a stable form of the active substance, like a hydrochloride salt; but this can be done only until the medicine doesn’t lose its activity.

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Child Sexual abuse in Shelter Homes: The horrible Truth!

Child Sexual abuse in Shelter Homes -

A huge number of children in our country go missing every year. Some are kidnapped, some are sold by their families in return for money, and some are lured for the promise of a better life. The following are the statistics provided by NGO CRY (Child Rights and You)
– About 9,000 children go missing in India every year.
– Over 5 lakh children are forcefully pushed into sex trade every year.
– Approximately 2 million commercial sex workers are between the ages of 5 and 15 years, and over 3.3 million are between the ages of 15 and 18.
– 40 percent of the children’s population in our country is into commercial sex working; and 80 percent of these children are found in the five metros – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.

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Forget 3D, here comes 5D Cinema: The new era of advanced virtual reality to thrill you!

Forget 3D, here comes 5D Cinema -

In recent years, 3D cinema has been accompanied with synchronization of some live as well as special effects installed in theatres. 5D cinema has given the restoration of 3D glasses; and in addition to that, there are many other physical elements introduced. That is, the theatre seats move and wobble; the hall is filled with fog and smoke; and then there are water drops and different smells that have their intermittent introduction into the theatre to complete the overall 5D experience. This new era of virtual reality is bound to give the audience a hair rising experience!

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How Corruption and Scams give birth to all your social problems?

How Corruption and Scams give birth to all your social problems? - Chakreview

How is the common man affected from Coal Scam?
Coal mines are the gold mines of our nation. Coal amounts to 56 percent of electricity production in our country. In the December of 2011, over 300 million Indian citizens lacked access to electricity. To add to the bitterness, over one third of our country’s rural population sunk in blackouts, and so did 6 percent of the urban populace. All this had badly disturbed irrigation and the manufacturing processed across the length and breadth of the country. What is more painful is, despite our country being the fourth largest energy consumer after USA, China and Russia, it presently suffers from acute shortage of electricity generation. The IEA (International Energy Agency) had drawn out estimates and stated that India needs an investment of around $135 billion in order to provide 24/7 power supply to its entire population of 1.2 billion. Yes, $135 billion, still less than the loss acquired because of the Coal scam.

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