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What is Android and why there is so much buzz around it?

Android is a mobile operating system that is normally used in smartphones and tablets. It has many features and development of applications on the android platform is done using the popular programming language called Java. Android can also be called a linux based system for smartphones and tablets. It was developed by an alliance of many companies led by Google. This alliance is known as the Open handset Alliance

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Match fixing and Betting in Cricket: A new world of corruption and crime is rising!

Match fixing in cricket refers to fixing the final result of the game; however spot fixing is about gambling upon particular events like a couple of overs or balls. Generally match fixing takes place via agents who are popularly known as bookies. People who intend to bet on specific games apply through the bookies that act as mediators and often negotiate deals with the teams and their managers on behalf of the big players.

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Inflation Monster: What is it and how does it affect your Life?

Inflation Monster: What is it and how does it affect your Life -

With increase in inflation, the value of currency unit decreases remarkably which implies less goods or services can be purchased with specific amount of money. Inflation affects the socio-economic condition of the world significantly.

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Devadasi System: The Flesh Trade on the name of God, Exposed!

In Devadasi system, pre-pubertal young girls were married off to the God or local deities of any temple. Since they were married off to the temple, they were not allowed to marry anyone else throughout their lives. However in this system, these girls became the property of the priest, other inmates of the temple and also local landlords and ‘Zamindars’. The service primarily meant providing sexual pleasure to the powerful cult of the society and there was no escape for the Devadasis throughout their lives. Even if they attempted to escape, the society never accepted them.

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Frustrated with Telemarketing calls and SMS?…… Try National Do not call service.

The Do not call service is a new service provided by many telephone network companies according to guidelines given by TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India). This service is a result of continuous complaints of people against the frequent telemarketing calls and texts. When a customer activates this service on their cell phone number then the telemarketing calls and texts may usually stop for say about three months. The time period of the stoppage is entirely based upon the company and its norms.

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What is FDI and why there is so much hype about it?

FDI is Foreign Direct Investment. This pertains to the direct investment made by a company in another country by buying or by collaboration with any other company of that nation.

1. Increased number of jobs, hence people are at least employed and can bring or take in a certain amount of money every month to their homes.
2. Successful collaborations of local companies with the MNCs give India a new peek into the latest technology and new ventures.

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Hawala system: The Lifeline of political corruption in India, how does it works?

Hawala system is an alternative money remittance system primarily practiced in South Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Politicians in India earn large sums of money from illegal sources and the black money is neither recorded nor taxed by the government. Since this is risky to invest the money inside the country, they resort to the Hawala system to transfer it to some safe haven. Thus Hawala method is the best suited process for the corrupted political cult to siphon the country’s funds to foreign countries.

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