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Falak case and Human Trafficking : Dying humanity and Social exploitation

Falak is no more in this world. The case is just one out of millions of atrocities which female offspring are subjected to in illiterate areas of India. These unfortunate children, snatched from their households by vicious gangsters, are doomed to agonizing enslavement under duress which means forced labor, begging, amputation, sexual exploitation, diseases,and violent retribution for refusing to comply with the wishes of the psychopaths.

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Human Trafficking in India: Complete Report

Human Trafficking in India -

Prostitution and human trafficking network are operating in Delhi and connects to other parts of country. The fundamental causes of human trafficking in India are poverty, hunger, illiteracy and the sheer gullibility of innocent human beings who fall prey to the false promises of racketeers.

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Aadhar Card Project: Can it help in removing Corruption and Social Problems?

Aadhar Card Project

Aadhar project will create one single database of all citizen in India, thus any information about a person would be one click away. Thus providing lot of benefits and solving social problems. Here are Benefits of Aadhar Card Project India:

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Bhopal gas tragedy: victims still waiting for justice!

Lack of efforts and will by Govt. to provide relief and justice to victims:
Keeping an eye on the preceding legal activities on the Bhopal gas tragedy case, it was quite evident that the victims were deprived of their lawful right of justice at the very beginning and throughout the process. When the Bhopal gas tragedy occurred, India had no particular punitive law in constitution to deal with the accused members as intensely as they should be.

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Passion for crime investigation: Career in Forensic Science is waiting for you!

Forensic science is a segment of medical science that deals in application of scientific principles for criminal investigations. Using various techniques of forensic science, professionals reveal major clues that help to resolve critical criminal offenses. The forensic scientist’s job is to analyze the clues hidden in the corpses, dead tissues, clothes and other elements using modern technology and track the criminals’ identity to facilitate investigation process

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National Capital or Crime Capital: How safe is Delhi-NCR ?

that Delhi is one of the top four crime affected cities in India. Incidents like kidnapping for ransom, rape, molestation, abduction and attempted murders has seen sharp increase compared to the previous years. According to the report, about 44.6% of arrested criminals fall into the age group of 18 to 30 years

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Top B schools in India for 2014!

Top B schools in India

. Following is the list of top B schools in India for 2014:
• Indian Institute of Management: IIMs are considered the best management schools in India. In fact they are known for high quality education and knowledgeable faculty members across the globe. There are IIMs in India located at Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Lucknow, Kozhikode and Indore. Admission is available in all IIMs with high qualifying score secured in CAT the Common Admission Test.

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Things you can do to get over a Break up and feel better !

Following are some of the sure-fire tips on how to get over a break up:
• Stop feeling miserable and think positive. Every relationship comes with a lot of hope and expectations and a breakup puts an end to all suddenly; hence it is implied that the sense of helplessness and vulnerability will take over. Your job is to control this feeling and get over the sudden shock. Think positively that there may be something better is waiting for you.

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