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Harassment by employer: what actions can you take?

Harassment encompasses all types of offensive behavior which is intended to upset or show disgrace to another individual. Any behavior of a person, a group of people, colleagues, neighbors and even the boss or supervisor are also included in harassment and these are all punishable offense. In India there are several strict bullying in the workplace laws and regulations levied by the legal system. These laws are supposed to address all types of workplace harassment including discrimination, sexual nuisance and psychological irritation caused by the employer.

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Looking for a Career in SAP?

SAP is one of the platforms that have grand future potential and this is why many aspiring commerce and business graduates are choosing SAP over other opportunities.

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Highest paid IT jobs in India

employees need to train themselves on the correct fields and choose job opportunities that are worth their interest. Following is a list of high paying careers in this field:

IT Manager: Bachelor or Masters Degree in IT or Specialized Diploma in relevant subject is the required qualification for this along with experience. Job responsibilities include deployment and support, general autonomy, regional or global supervision of IT infrastructure and many more. An IT manager with 10 years experience can draw a salary of 10-18 lakhs per annum.

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