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Why Indian Judiciary system is so slow and lethargic?

Why Indian Judiciary system is so slow and lethargic - Chakreview.com

Often people wait 5 to 20 years to get their cases settled through normal legal course. Another eminent instance of Indian judicial failure is the Bhopal Gas Disaster Judgment. After more than 20 years past the fatal incident, finally Indian judiciary was able to find a decision. But the cornerstone of this case which is the ‘principle of absolute liability’ has been diluted in the decision.

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Want to make career in travel industry?

Career in travel industry-Working in travel and tourism sector requires a great deal of hard work, patience and managerial qualities. The commonly explored sectors of travel industry include Wholesale travel, Retail travel, Tour Operations, Information and Communication, Event management, transportation, Cruising and many more. If you are planning to enter the travel industry as a professional, here are few job options explained for your information:

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Even Death penalty for Rape is not good enough!

When a woman is raped, it turns out to be social death for her. Hence the offender, who causes such destitution to the victim, should also suffer the same consequence.This will bring down the crime ratio and sexual harassment against women, people would certainly not take the chance

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IT jobs interview questions: Detail

Following are some of the most important typical job interview questions which are most likely to be asked by the panel of judges
IT Job Interview questions about Networking
• What do you know about WAN?
• What is meant by WIMAX?
• What is meant by Wi Fi?
• What is meant by firewall?

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Indian Money in Swiss bank can change economy: Why Govt. is not putting efforts?

Now it is the most shameful matter for any country to top the list of ‘black money holders’. The lump sum is mainly the Indian politician’s money in Swiss bank which is the property of Indian nation. This amount is almost 13 times heftier than the total foreign debts of the country. Also is equivalent to 40% of the annual GDP of India.

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