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How to write a resume for instant success?

Choose a simple yet professional resume format that portrays you as an expert in the field. Include the tiniest details about your skill, experience and aptitude which will certainly add value to the company’s overall output. Resumes that feature too complicated layout are often scraped by the recruiters. Keep in mind that the employer receives numerous candidatures and they really lack the patience and time to explore your 10 pages long Curriculum Vitae.

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The Rise of Anna Hazare: Wake up politicians! You are just public servants

The thing that inspired people to participate in this movement is that fact that when a 74 years old man is standing there for them, fighting for the noble cause and doing hunger strike at this age, then why can’t they. This gives them a way to bring out the frustration that they had with the politicians and system over corruption and inflation. Common man doesn’t have the way to communicate his anger to Govt. and system but here is their chance to tell politicians and Govt. that public is the king and they are just servants’

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Best companies to work for in India!

Google India is the most preferred company to work for in India. The unique part of their policy is that they grant the freedom to the employees to spend 20% of their official time in doing something that they are really interested in and express their talent. some of the best companies to work for in India based upon the pre mentioned factors are listed with details about them:

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Best Career options in Arts stream!

With a background in Arts, one can pursue career options such as teaching, nursing, social work, law, politics, business, television, radio artist, content writing, acting, designing, singing and many more. are some of the best career options available for people from Arts background:

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Career options in commerce after 12th

Career options in commerce -

Commerce stream involves the study of business and accountancy accompanied by the choice of subjects which might include Economics, Mathematics etc. The most sought after career option in the commerce stream is CA(Chartered Accountancy). In addition to this, there are many more interesting career options available for the commerce students. Below are some of the most promising career options available:

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