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Are you unknowingly supporting terrorism, by using Pakistani song websites: Complete Report!

Are you a music lover, and download music from internet? Which websites you use for that- Well if so then here is alarm for you.

This is a pakistani website which is involved in hacking of Indian computers and terror funding, with the money that it generates from ads revenue. Not only this, there are other such pakistani websites operating which have huge visitors from India. Just think how can they offer songs downloading free as this is copy righted material.

Here is complete report about Pakistani song websites and threats associated:

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How to make career as a Chartered Accountant?

How to make career as a Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant can work in different areas of financial accounting, tax management, auditing, cost accounting, banking and consultancy. They have to be the certified members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). E&Y, Deloitte, PWC and ICICI Bank are some of the good pay masters for CA jobs in India. A fresh CA can earn anything between INR 5-7LPA.

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Reality or vulgarity: MTV Roadies portrayed two participants nude on the name of task- Govt. should take action on such content

India has been grooming a lot of reality TV shows recently and most of them have been controversial to some extend with certain scenes and episodes abusing the traditional and cultural values of the country. There are different viewpoints from people belonging to different walks of life and the impact of reality shows is paving its way today. The reality shows debate being held through different mediums has found more criticism against such crude shows on many national television channels. The strongest question that is blooming in the air against these is that should reality shows be banned?

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What are MBA career paths and opportunities for MBA graduates?

Typically a MBA graduate will start his/her career as Management Trainee or executive then Team leader then Asst. Manager and then manager. MBA is a degree with broad prospective of career options that can bring success to new heights in one’s life. This will allow the degree holder to easily weave into any field of industry to choose their career paths and that too to hold good positions when the required personality is found.
Below are some highlights about various fields of industry and its requirements and beneficiaries for the MBA holders.

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Distance Education in India: The Best Universities

With so many distance education universities in India, you simply don’t need to worry as they offer quality and cost effective education which is important in a country like India.
Check out the top distance education universities in India:
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Among all the courses, IGNOU is one of the best universities for MBA distance education in India. A student can work while he learn and learn while he works with the MBA course of IGNOU. With the IGNOU courses distance learning, many people have got good job with good salary package after completing MBA from IGNOU.

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Lack of transparency, lousy laws and corruption are not allowing poor people to get benefits of Welfare schemes in India

There were approximately 350 million people in India who live on less than $1 a day. According to World Bank people who earn less than $1 i.e. Rs 45 (approx.) per person are poor or below poverty line. Whereas according to Govt. of India this limit is Rs. 10 per day.Now how much is that justified? This means that people who earn Rs.11 per day will not get benefits of welfare schemes. Even then BPL (below poverty line) people are not getting the benefits of welfare scheme due to corrupt and lousy system.

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Information about Common Admission Test (CAT): The Complete Dossier

CAT is the common admission test for aspiring candidates who desire to make a career in management and business administration i.e. MBA in India’s top notch management institutes. This common admission test is conducted to ascertain the ability and capability of a candidate and evaluate their skill, concept and presence of mind during crisis situations. This examination is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management(IIMs).CAT score is considered for admission by more than 50 top B-schools across India apart from IIMs (which are best in this category

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