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RTI (Right to Information Act) – Your weapon against corruption and lousy system: Complete Analysis

RTI(right to information) act not only has empowered citizens to answer government authorities but also reduces corruption a lot. Citizens have the power to inspect and take notes on several tasks on the part of authorities so that they can analyze the performance.
Indian constitution permits its citizen to speak and express without any fear. How can a person speak against the government if he or she does not have enough information? A victimized citizen can feel but without information he or she is helpless to do anything. Right to information act in india is a recognition of democracy that requires informed citizenry and transparency of information just for a better functioning.

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Dream of 1.2bn people come true as India Won ICC World Cup 2011

Here come the new world champions India as Dhoni and company won ICC cricket world cup 2011 ending a drought of 28 years beating Sri Lanka in a nail biting final. Gambhir and Dhoni were hero’s of this win playing innings of their career. After putting a challenging 275 target, India were thrown to back …

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