Review: Digital Marketing Industry in India

Review Digital Marketing Industry in India - Chakreview

Digital Marketing is developing at a fast pace in India. As the web clients are expanding step by step, web based business industry is additionally on a hike. Organizations are moving their promotion spending plan from customary advertising to advanced digital marketing. A brand can no longer afford to ignore or under weigh the game of social media marketing or SEO analytics. The brands have realised that the consumption of information has changed; it has shifted from print and TV to the Internet. Even the medium of consumption has seen a shift- people are now consuming maximum information on their mobile phones and to reach them on their handsets, digital marketing is the definite way .

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Every white-collar job in India has 27 graduates fighting over it: Study

The study conducted by JM Financial at the had brought forth the pathetic employment situation in our country with an overwhelming number of 27 graduates jostling for every new job opportunity. This picture highlights the grim situation of our youngsters when it comes to getting a job and how our system has failed to create enough employment opportunities for them.

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Let’s understand Digital Marketing and its Channels in Detail

Let’s understand Digital Marketing - Chakreview

Digital Marketing has changed the way brands, and organizations use the Internet for advertising. With a proactive digital marketing campaign, you can promote your product and services using search engines, websites, online social networking, email campaigns, and mobile applications. The advantages and uses of digital marketing don’t end here. Read further to understand how it works in your favour and what it can turn around your revenue figures.

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Review: Biotechnology Industry in India

Review Biotechnology Industry in India - Chakreview

The diversity in India- in terms of population, flora and fauna, India provides great opportunities for genomics and prospecting of new drugs.Indian government’s policy on GM crops has also encouraged the business of Agri-biotech companies.With our vast and varied profiles of patients, India also provides great research opportunities in the field of clinical research and trials.
Within the last two-three years, India has witnessed major investments in biotechnology sector. A lot of multinational companies in this field have shown their interest in setting up their units in India to extend their operations in Asia. With high investor interest and developing infrastructure, by 2030, India’s biotechnology sector will be counted in the top three players of this field. Plus such huge investment would mean more employment opportunities for India’s young workforce. 

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Salary Satisfaction Survey: City & Industry wise

Salary Satisfaction Survey City & Industry wise - Chakreview

The maximum and the lowest percentage of salary satisfaction were shown by both South Indian Cities. While Bangalore accounts for the highest level of salary-related satisfaction i.e., 63 per cent, Chennai accounts for the lowest salary-related satisfaction i.e., 46 per cent.
The second city to provide better salary satisfaction is Pune (Maharashtra) at 57 per cent satisfaction.
The third and the fourth city to provide average level of salary-satisfaction are Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh/Telangana) with 54 per cent satisfaction level and 51 per cent satisfaction level, respectively.
The nation capital, New Delhi, fares bad in this list with just 49 per cent salary-satisfaction level.

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Startups would be drivers of Job growth: IT experts

Startups would be drivers of Job growth - Chakreview

The whole Startup a phenomenon has not only led to solutions of existing consumer problems in a unique manner but also has generated lot of direct and indirect employment for individuals. The employment opportunities are not only limited to e –commerce only, but has in fact impacted the entire value chain with logistics, warehousing, customer support among others. If one has to look at how it has impacted job creation in an indirect manner, well one can always argue that it has given platform to small sellers, vendors, artisans, women to promote their crafts, goods, and services. Moreover, with different government initiatives like Make in India, Skill India, Digital India, among others, the Startup story towards growth and job creation compliments each other and works as ancillary units.

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How to Negotiate Salary while taking Job offer?

How to Negotiate Salary while taking job offer - Chakreview

Salary negotiation is often the second last step of accepting the job offer. By this time, you know the job description, you already have an equation with the HR, and you have seen the office and have a fair idea about their culture (such as flexibility in the timings, salary cycle, leave system and other perks). The interviewer has already considered that you are all right with their workplace, the offered job role and hierarchy. The last thing is to just negotiate the salary and accept the offer letter. Therefore, at this time, the interviewer may think that when other things suit you well, you may settle for a lower jump in your salary as ‘the job is a package’ and resultantly, they can be more persistent while negotiating the salary with you.

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Your Job information on Social Media is prone to Cyber Attacks

Your Job information on social media is prone to cyber attacks - Chakreview

From writing letters to our loved ones to posting statuses and sharing pictures of our loved ones, we have come a long way and so has technology. Today a large chunk of our population is either connected through technology or has access to it. Social media is the new thing on the block, and almost …

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Career in Animation and Visual Arts

Career in Animation and Visual Arts - Chakreview

Animation and entertainment industry are two interconnected fields that are currently riding at their peak. There are so many opportunities, jobs and careers that are emerging from it. One such career is that of an Animator or Animation and Visual Effect Artist. If you also aspire to make a career in the field of Animation and Visual Arts and are looking forward to information regarding the same, help is here. Discussed below are some essential aspects of a career in Animation and Visual Arts in India that you may find helpful:

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Career as a Visual Communication Specialist

Career as a Visual Communication Specialist - Chakreview

The chief job of a Visual Communication Specialist is to make use of graphics software application in order to create stunning visual design elements for multimedia companies, website developers, publishers, etc. A part of their job is to come up with designs for the organization that reflect on their marketing concept and goals and leaves an impression of their business ideology. Their work may entail creating something very basic to highly complex animation as well. The Visual Communication material that they create goes in the brochures, on websites, packaging and other modes of visual media of the organization. There is a certain skill set that recruiting organizations look for in the candidates looking forward to work as a Visual Communication Specialist. These skills include computer expertise, self-motivated, creative, has an eye for detail, proactive nature, dedicated hard worker, ability to work under demanding environment, ability to work on deadline oriented work, etc.

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Career as a Bioinformatics Scientist in India

Career as a Bioinformatics Scientist - Chakreview

The Bioinformatics stream is full of surprises for students as there are numerous subdivisions which offer multiple career opportunities to bioinformatics aspirants. Taking a glance at the future of bioinformatics, the field would be bidding on new computational tools which would be required to discourse detailed research goals. To be more precise, foundation of new scientific presentations or branding of certain types of databases required for retrieval and storage of biochemical data and biological data is set to ensue. These certain aspects clearly signify the career opportunities that await the students of

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Career as an Air Hostess after 12th

Career as an Air Hostess - Chakreview

The role of a professional working as an Air Hostess with an airline is to serve its passengers and the crew. Their job duties and responsibilities also include ensuring the safety of the passengers and crew members. They also have to ensure that the flight for the passengers is stress free and comfortable. Air Hostesses are provided with extensive emergency training so that in case such scenarios emerge, they can act quickly and effectively. These emergency situations vary from handling a passenger with emergent medical need to planning and executing evacuation, etc. One has to choose between working with private or public sector airlines. You will come across many great opportunities to explore in this career.

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Career in Photography in India

Career in Photography in India - Chakreview

The scope of a career as a professional Photographer has a lot of scope in the present scenario. The field holds great potential for further growth and development as a professional. With people appreciating photography as an art, the need for professional photographers in the market is increasing like never before. There are so many reputed and well established agencies offering great job prospects to those interested in this career. Photography is quite a good paying job and creatively satisfying too.

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Career as an Employment Recruiter

Career as an Employment Recruiter - Chakreview

The main role of an Employment Recruiter is to look for potential recruits through sources such as internal candidate database, Job Portals, referrals, professional associations and a variety of networking resources. They then approach them and schedule interviews. During interviews, they sit with the HR team to assess the strengths and weakness of the candidate against the demands and requirements of the job and then make recommendations on the basis of their professional opinion. During the employment process, they engage in negotiation of wage rates and makes the candidate well aware of the terms and conditions of the employment. It is important for an Employment Recruiter to establish and maintain an extensive network with potential clients and candidates. There are certain skills required for this job which includes analytical skills, communication and interpersonal skills, organization and managerial skills, negotiation and reasoning skills, judgment skills etc.

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Highest paying industries in India for 2017-18 : Randstad Survey

Highest paying industries in India Survey -

Surveys analyzed that FMCG industry employees receive the highest payment in India with a standard average annual CTC (cost-to-company) at Rs 11.3 lakh. The 2017 Randstad Salary Trend Study findings also showed that in FMCG industry, employees across all the levels and functions are being paid higher salary than their counterparts in other sectors.
The FMCG industry is followed by Information Technology sector and Power sector, where employees across all talent levels and functions are paid average annual wage of Rs 9.8 lakh and Rs 9.3 lakh, respectively.

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