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Child Sexual abuse in Shelter Homes: The horrible Truth!

Child Sexual abuse in Shelter Homes - Chakreview.com

A huge number of children in our country go missing every year. Some are kidnapped, some are sold by their families in return for money, and some are lured for the promise of a better life. The following are the statistics provided by NGO CRY (Child Rights and You)
– About 9,000 children go missing in India every year.
– Over 5 lakh children are forcefully pushed into sex trade every year.
– Approximately 2 million commercial sex workers are between the ages of 5 and 15 years, and over 3.3 million are between the ages of 15 and 18.
– 40 percent of the children’s population in our country is into commercial sex working; and 80 percent of these children are found in the five metros – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.

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Issues that dominate Indian elections: Emotional or practical?

For years due to wide retrospective approach of Indian politicians to manipulate people minds and lure them to vote in their favor has witnessed wide emotional appeals and manifestos that are focusing caste, religion, reservation etc. which works as divide and rule principle i.e. divide people based upon these emotional things and enjoy power. These emotional outcries often lead to weak government strengths that are ruling as coalition based bureaucracies.

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The Rise of Anna Hazare: Wake up politicians! You are just public servants

The thing that inspired people to participate in this movement is that fact that when a 74 years old man is standing there for them, fighting for the noble cause and doing hunger strike at this age, then why can’t they. This gives them a way to bring out the frustration that they had with the politicians and system over corruption and inflation. Common man doesn’t have the way to communicate his anger to Govt. and system but here is their chance to tell politicians and Govt. that public is the king and they are just servants’

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Congress Govt. proved to be biggest looser on the issue of corruption.

The reason behind Govt.’s resistance to take necessary steps against corruption and formation of Lokpal bill is that most of their ministers are corrupt. They don’t want to bring black money back because they have also share in this black money. It seems India is loosing tag of being biggest democracy.
Manmohan Singh’s innocent image has been exposed and he is proved to be the weakest

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