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Article 370 of Indian Constitution in Jammu Kashmir: Not good for Sovereignty?

Article 370 of Indian Constitution - Chakreview.com

Article 370 challenges the secularism and sovereignty proposed by Indian Constitution. Though we say that we do not discriminate, the existence of Article 370 discriminates on the basis of community, section, etc.

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Shouldn’t there be Eligibility Criteria for becoming a politician or minister?

Unlike other government jobs political leaders need no educational or extracurricular qualifications in order to hold the position of a minister.These are small positions but a politician or minister has huge responsibilities, then why not there is an criteria or exam set to judge the qualities of a political candidate?

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Cast based reservation system – The dirty politics of votes

First thing is should there be reservation at all? To answer this we may say that for a developing country like India, instead of reservation we should spend on education and provide equal opportunities to weaker sections of society without compromising country’s development. And if you wan to give special preference to weaker section then this division should be based upon income and financial condition, that does make some sense. But providing reservation based upon caste seems to be illogical.

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