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Women Sexual Harassment : Here are the laws and actions you can take!

Women are still looked at from a medieval point of view, they are not spared on the road, not spared at a social gathering, and they are not even spared at workplace. It should be mentioned here that women are thought to be easy because they go to work and mingle with men, and thus …

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Acid Attacks and increasing Crime against Women: Strong laws required!

Women Sexual Harassment Here are the laws and actions you can take-Chakreview.com

Our country is becoming an epitome of crime, and the sad thing is that women are turning out to be the worst hit. Crime against women in our nation is on the rise, year by year. Here are a few appalling statistics. In the year 2006 alone, over 32,000 murders, 19,000 rapes, 7,500 dowry deaths and 36,500 molestation cases were reported against women. And to make things worse, there are many more cases that go unreported in our country. Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh are the states where crime against women has been sky rocketing. And yes, our national capital Delhi is also not far behind

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Child Sexual abuse in Shelter Homes: The horrible Truth!

Child Sexual abuse in Shelter Homes - Chakreview.com

A huge number of children in our country go missing every year. Some are kidnapped, some are sold by their families in return for money, and some are lured for the promise of a better life. The following are the statistics provided by NGO CRY (Child Rights and You)
– About 9,000 children go missing in India every year.
– Over 5 lakh children are forcefully pushed into sex trade every year.
– Approximately 2 million commercial sex workers are between the ages of 5 and 15 years, and over 3.3 million are between the ages of 15 and 18.
– 40 percent of the children’s population in our country is into commercial sex working; and 80 percent of these children are found in the five metros – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.

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Devadasi System: The Flesh Trade on the name of God, Exposed!

In Devadasi system, pre-pubertal young girls were married off to the God or local deities of any temple. Since they were married off to the temple, they were not allowed to marry anyone else throughout their lives. However in this system, these girls became the property of the priest, other inmates of the temple and also local landlords and ‘Zamindars’. The service primarily meant providing sexual pleasure to the powerful cult of the society and there was no escape for the Devadasis throughout their lives. Even if they attempted to escape, the society never accepted them.

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Surrogacy in India: A report

Women from poor and deprived class often consider surrogacy as an opportune way to earn money for their living. However they are unaware of the fact that despite they are the ones sacrificing their health and risking their lives, the benefits are being taken by someone else. Hence the popularity of Indian surrogacy is no way helping the economy of this country. The poverty-stricken women continue to live a life of misery and dispossession.

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Even Death penalty for Rape is not good enough!

When a woman is raped, it turns out to be social death for her. Hence the offender, who causes such destitution to the victim, should also suffer the same consequence.This will bring down the crime ratio and sexual harassment against women, people would certainly not take the chance

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