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How Corruption and Scams give birth to all your social problems?

How Corruption and Scams give birth to all your social problems? - Chakreview

How is the common man affected from Coal Scam?
Coal mines are the gold mines of our nation. Coal amounts to 56 percent of electricity production in our country. In the December of 2011, over 300 million Indian citizens lacked access to electricity. To add to the bitterness, over one third of our country’s rural population sunk in blackouts, and so did 6 percent of the urban populace. All this had badly disturbed irrigation and the manufacturing processed across the length and breadth of the country. What is more painful is, despite our country being the fourth largest energy consumer after USA, China and Russia, it presently suffers from acute shortage of electricity generation. The IEA (International Energy Agency) had drawn out estimates and stated that India needs an investment of around $135 billion in order to provide 24/7 power supply to its entire population of 1.2 billion. Yes, $135 billion, still less than the loss acquired because of the Coal scam.

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China vs India: Lets compare Dragon and Elephant!

China vs India Lets compare Dragon and Elephant -

China has over 22.55 lakh military squad and 9000 aircrafts with 2000 fighter planes whereas India has 13.25 lakh military squad and 3000 aircrafts with 790 fighter planes. Indian Army has 10,340 land based weapons, 3,898 tanks, 4175 towed artillery. China Army has 31,300 land based weapons, 8,200 tanks, 14,000 towed artillery.

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Can Plastic money help in reducing Corruption, Fake Notes and tax evasion?

Plastic money help in reducing Corruption, Fake Notes and tax evasion -

When money is transacted from one person or an organization to the other using plastic money then it is recorded. Hence when income is received by the person or organization, then that income amount is always recorded. Every time the person or the organization receives any amount of money, it is recorded and so the total income of the person or the organization is known to the income tax office. And the tax that is required to be paid by the person or organization is also calculated and so he or she cannot escape from paying the tax and hence in this manner plastic money creates a pressure on the person or the organization for the prevention of tax evasion.

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Match fixing and Betting in Cricket: A new world of corruption and crime is rising!

Match fixing in cricket refers to fixing the final result of the game; however spot fixing is about gambling upon particular events like a couple of overs or balls. Generally match fixing takes place via agents who are popularly known as bookies. People who intend to bet on specific games apply through the bookies that act as mediators and often negotiate deals with the teams and their managers on behalf of the big players.

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Hawala system: The Lifeline of political corruption in India, how does it works?

Hawala system is an alternative money remittance system primarily practiced in South Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Politicians in India earn large sums of money from illegal sources and the black money is neither recorded nor taxed by the government. Since this is risky to invest the money inside the country, they resort to the Hawala system to transfer it to some safe haven. Thus Hawala method is the best suited process for the corrupted political cult to siphon the country’s funds to foreign countries.

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Naxalite movement: The next big threat to India

The Maoists and Naxalites are found in association with China, ISI and the LeT. These organizations and China, provides these internal security disturbers of India weapons and arms. The head of the People’s Liberation army named Irengbam Chaoren is hiding in China. ISI funds the People’s Liberation Army by providing them arms and they provide these to the Maoists in India.

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What if all candidates in election are corrupt: Right to Reject and Recall may be the answer!

India is known as the largest democracy in the world. Metropolitan education and to some extent rural education too has made us aware of our fundamental rights, the most important of which is our right to elect our government judiciously. But what if all the candidates have a dubious background, corrupt or who have proved …

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Citizen Charter bill: Is it effective?

Introduction to Citizen Charter bill: The Citizen Charter bill has been introduced by the Indian Government with an aim to provide relief to the citizens on India who face various problems dealing with the organizations offering public services day in and day out. The idea of the Citizen Charter initiative aspires to protect trust and …

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An analysis of U.P. politics: Report

Major factor in UP politics and elections: Caste and Religion are two important issues, base upon which parties try to woo votes and voters also consider these things while casting votes.BSP is the leading party who uses caste politics very well, to play divide and rule game.

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Indian Railway System : A political puppet, far from facilities and management

Another major issue with the indian railways booking and ticketing system is that the website or even the Tatkal railway reservation system never seems to work right after the tickets are open for booking. And till the time the website starts functioning, all the tickets get bookedAnother major issue with the indian railways booking and ticketing system is that the website or even the Tatkal railway reservation system never seems to work right after the tickets are open for booking. And till the time the website starts functioning, all the tickets get booked

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10 biggest corruption scams in Indian history

10 biggest corruption scams in Indian

Today we will take a look at 10 biggest corruption scams in Indian History. They have been known as the milestone corruption cases india which caught mass attention but did not have any corrective effects on the society as the series is continuing till date.

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Indian Money in Swiss bank can change economy: Why Govt. is not putting efforts?

Now it is the most shameful matter for any country to top the list of ‘black money holders’. The lump sum is mainly the Indian politician’s money in Swiss bank which is the property of Indian nation. This amount is almost 13 times heftier than the total foreign debts of the country. Also is equivalent to 40% of the annual GDP of India.

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Shouldn’t there be Eligibility Criteria for becoming a politician or minister?

Unlike other government jobs political leaders need no educational or extracurricular qualifications in order to hold the position of a minister.These are small positions but a politician or minister has huge responsibilities, then why not there is an criteria or exam set to judge the qualities of a political candidate?

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Issues that dominate Indian elections: Emotional or practical?

For years due to wide retrospective approach of Indian politicians to manipulate people minds and lure them to vote in their favor has witnessed wide emotional appeals and manifestos that are focusing caste, religion, reservation etc. which works as divide and rule principle i.e. divide people based upon these emotional things and enjoy power. These emotional outcries often lead to weak government strengths that are ruling as coalition based bureaucracies.

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The Rise of Anna Hazare: Wake up politicians! You are just public servants

The thing that inspired people to participate in this movement is that fact that when a 74 years old man is standing there for them, fighting for the noble cause and doing hunger strike at this age, then why can’t they. This gives them a way to bring out the frustration that they had with the politicians and system over corruption and inflation. Common man doesn’t have the way to communicate his anger to Govt. and system but here is their chance to tell politicians and Govt. that public is the king and they are just servants’

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