Shouldn’t there be Eligibility Criteria for becoming a politician or minister?

Politics is almost equivalent to ruling the country and Lok Sabha ministers are supposed to represent the opinions of Indian masses in front of the world. Unfortunately in India, there are no pre-set eligibility criteria for becoming a politician. Unlike other government jobs political leaders need no educational or extracurricular qualifications in order to hold the position of a minister.These are small positions but a politician or minister has huge responsibilities, then why not there is an criteria or exam set to judge the qualities of a political candidate?

Importance of Education for Political Leaders

Every human being bears certain inherent good qualities and proper education enhances those qualities so that they are utilized for the good of not only the individual but of the entire society. More specifically education, in any form, brings out the humanitarian qualities of a person, teaches him the history as well as the present situation of the country he/she will serve. Conventional education that consists of studies on History, Civics, Mathematics, Economics and Science is necessary for each and every citizen of a country which is same for would-be politicians as well.

The Must Have Qualities and knowledge in a Politician

  • History:

 Both regional and world history should be studied by all the politicians mandatorily. It makes them aware of their legacy and the past events which turned the world’s political situations upside down.  Though the form of politics has changed over centuries, the core concepts remain same. Especially India has been a hub of cosmopolitan politics and the country witnessed some of the greatest leaders’ reigns. Hence churning out the old chronicles will certainly help an aspiring politician become more mature, authoritative and expressive.


  • Civics and Economics:

Knowledge of civics and economics helps one understand the socio-economical condition of the country. Civics is the study of the functional principles of the government. As a matter of fact a minister or political leader should possess sound knowledge on every aspect of the social, legal and serviceable structure of their country. Economics gives thorough understanding about the fiscal situation of a country and how it is affected by the world economy. A good leader should be equipped with adequate understanding about this subject because it is something that influences the social standards significantly.


  • Science and Mathematics:

Science and Mathematics- these are the main foundation stones of a human being’s personal perspective and thinking patterns. It frees one from the shackles of age-old taboos and prejudices. It enlightens all aspects of your lifestyle and thought process.


  • Communication:

Last but not the least, communication and in-depth knowledge in dialects and foreign languages is essential for any aspiring politician. After all a leader can only influence the masses when he/she is able to communicate and connect with the crowds. Often a politician stands out from the rest owing to his extraordinary communication skills. The better he expresses his thoughts to the hoi polloi, the more easily he mixes with them. In spite of all your great leadership qualities and uncommon thoughts, if you fail to express yourself, you will fail as a leader too.

Other must-have qualities of a politician:

Apart from educational qualifications, a leader must have certain in-born qualities which he/she can further enhance by training or grooming himself.

  • Wit and Intelligence:

A politician with sharp wit or high intelligence level can actually succeed as a minister or leader. Basically the future of a nation rests on the decisions and perceptions of the ministers who are elected to represent the democracy. Hence these decisions should involve a great deal of intelligence that will secure a brighter tomorrow for the country itself.

  • Foresight:

Politics is not just about ruling the country, making whimsical decisions or fulfilling one’s personal desires and fancies. A politician should have the foresight to estimate the impact of his decisions on the country and its people and strive to make the most accurate choice which will cause least negative impact on the social strata.

  • Diplomacy:

A politician comes across some of the toughest situations in his life which no commoner has to face ever. It might involve international affairs, contradictions with powerful opponents and even announcing a war. The major quality that helps a person deal with such sensitive circumstances is the ability to take right decisions at right time and choose the correct words to express the same. Hence diplomacy is one of the essential virtues of a politician.

  • Compassion and Honesty:

With corruption affecting all political cults in India, it is necessary for the politicians to be honest and bear compassion to their countrymen. A country with inestimable poor, repressed and dispossessed populace deserve politicians who will care for their impoverishment. Honest leaders who will not just use politics as a tool to accumulate personal affluence can save the ship of Indian politics from drowning.

Winston Churchill, when questioned about the primary qualifications of a politician answered, “It’s the ability to foretell what will happen tomorrow, next month, and next year–and to explain afterward why it didn’t happen.”

In short there should be a qualification criteria set to become a politician; he should be at least graduate; the person concern should be evaluated in terms of qualities, eligibility and thinking patterns before being elected as a leader.Its a pity that in a country of 120 billion people illiterate people have hold chief minister’s positions in past and a lot of MP’s are involved in criminal cases.


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