Young India is suffering with Fat Belly:How to stop this?

Be it Central Delhi or Mumbai Phoenix McDonald’s outlet, every day at lunchtime a long queue of young crowd can be located in front of the fast food corners. A large section of this crowd belongs to the young cult.  Also there are some ordinarily clad orderlies who visit Macdonald’s every now and then to pick up orders from their bosses at the offices. Though almost every sane person is aware of the disadvantages of eating fast food (and McD or KFC is no exception), very few of them pay any heed to it!

Most of the young crowd chooses fast food over home-cooked foods as they are tasty. Indeed these fast food chains have become an integral part of world as well as Indian culture. The main reason behind it is that it offers utmost convenience and quick yet tasty foods. But as a matter of fact, the result of consuming too much fast food by Indian youth is clearly showing up in the bulging belly!

Fast food is considered one of the most critical belly fat reasons and there is no doubt that abdominal fat burning is the toughest task of all. Fast foods are high in salt, oil and saturated fat content and they lack sufficient dietary fibers, nutrients and natural minerals or vitamins. Hence when you are filling your stomach with loads of sandwiches, burgers, French fries and cod-drinks, you are actually not getting any nutrition from it. The body is lacking the major nutrients and becoming weak in terms of immunity and nourishment. On top of that excessive flab is accumulated around the tummy which in the long run causes heart disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes and many complicated health problems.

Though many people practice abdominal fat exercise to shred that extra belly fat but barely could they get any result until and unless they give up the habit of junk eating completely. A guide to losing weight is all about eating the right amount of nutritious foods and indulging in some exercises.

Following is the best diet to reduce stomach fat which has been chalked out by experts:

1.) To get the metabolic system work efficiently, eat 4/6 small meals every day and make sure to work out at least 4 times a week. Choose foods that are nutritious and contains all necessary elements like carbohydrate, protein, minerals and vitamins. Also dietary fibers are necessary for good health. If you feel that you diet is lacking in fiber, you can consume it as supplement. Make sure that your foods are low in sugar, cholesterol and salt content.

2.) Drinking plenty of water is another great way to lose abdominal fat faster than ever. Water acts as a natural colon cleanser and it flushes out the bacteria and toxins from your body. Apart from detoxification, it boosts the rate of metabolism and hence foods are digested properly so that no extra flab is accumulated around the stomach. Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water every day.

3.) Proteins are highly important when it comes to losing abdominal fat. Eat black pea, skimmed milk, eggs, tilapia, salmon, cottage cheese, lentils and soybeans in proper amount. Fruits like strawberries, apples, cherries and oranges and carrots, cabbages, corn and celery in vegetables also help is natural weight loss.


Finally regular exercising is absolutely necessary to prevent belly fat as well as shed the already accumulated bulges. It is time for India youth to gear up and do something about their hanging belly which not only looks ugly but also triggers threat of complex diseases.

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