Job Market Review: Animation & Gaming Industry in India

Animation is an industry for those who have a passion for creating magic with diverse creatures and images. It is altogether a different world to play with cute creations. This industry is most of the times confused with cartooning. Cartooning is the art of only drawing diverse characters in the form of caricatures in such a manner that they look comical and humorous. Whereas an Animator puts life and breath into these cartoon characters. This is done with the help of advanced computer sequencing techniques and methodologies. Most of us youngsters have grown up watching the mesmerizing world of Narnia and the ever-inspiring Panda. Some of the most common and remarkable examples of animation are movies of the likes; Kung Fu Panda, The Chronicles of Narnia, Wall-E, Coraline, Up, Bolt, Ice Age series, Monsters vs. Aliens and many more.

In spite of being a late entrant in the Indian market, animation is widening its wings gradually and as a result enhancing the job opportunities in this sector. Estimations are that this sector has the potential of giving employment to thousands of jobseekers as 2-D and 3-D animators annually.


Job Market Review Animation & Gaming Industry in

Job Market Review Animation & Gaming Industry in

Job Opportunities in Animation and Gaming Industry

Since the gaming and animation industry is growing at a rapid pace, the need for animators is also augmenting, hence the growth in the employment opportunities. The movies, television, advertising and the whole of entertainment industry today use special effects to a great extent. As a result, there is an ever-growing need of animators in the entertainment industry in the coming years. There is an increasing demand for the full-length animation movies nowadays. Around 500 animators are required to shoot and complete 1 animation movie, which shows the growing need for animators in the entertainment industry in India. Today, animation technicalities are used in both entertainment as well as education (e-learning ) industries.

The Gaming Industry in India is witnessing a sharp growth, given the fact that the country has one of the world’s largest youth population. Presently, the Indian Gaming Sector is prized at USD 890 million, with an expected annual growth rate of 14.3%. The share of Mobile Gaming is the maximum with 71% share. The cause of this growth is attributed to increasing younger and modern population, greater  expendable incomes, influx of new gaming varieties and the boosting number of smart phone and tablet users.


Boon for the Indian Market

The advantages with India in relation to Gaming Sector are as under:

  1. India has the world’s largest youth population across the globe.
  2. Additionally, the population in India is the world’s second largest in terms of using Internet.
  3. There is ample creative talent available in India.
  4. Highly-skilled people in the IT, Testing and Arts sector.
  5. The infrastructure position in India is world-class, especially in the metro cities along with augmentation of Advanced Technology.
  6. All the major development players are present here like; Microsoft, Nvidia, Ubisoft, Zynga, Electronic Arts, Disney, Playdom, Sony, Digital Chocolate, etc.

Current Situation of Gaming Sector in India

The Indian Gaming Industry is at present booming at a rapid pace. Some of its features are as given under:

  • Mobile Gaming is set to cross USD 571 million by the year 2016 at the rate of 134.5% CAGR during the period 2013-16. As a result, there is going to be a 22.8 % CAGR growth along with the number of mobile game users going up to 208.2 million.
  • The App and mobile games market is expected to be valued at USD 400 million by the year 2016.
  • The PC Gaming Sector is anticipated to grow at CAGR of 16.8% in order to reach USD 130 million by 2019.
  • There are around 3,000 cafes out of which half (i.e. 1500) contain 5 or more machines solely dedicated to games.
  • Mobile-centric games have 95% of the share.


Salary Packages  in Animation and Gaming Industry

The animation studios and production houses employ freshers as junior animators and their initial packages can be in between ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 15,000 per month. After gaining an experience of around 3-5 years in this industry, an individual can earn around INR 30,000 to INR 40,000 per month. For individuals who are creative and talented enough to excel in this industry can earn anything over INR 55,000 per month.


Global Focus

Western animation companies are diverting their attention to Indi because of the huge population that is skilled enough to be animators besides being great English communicators. Also, the infrastructure conditions in India are good enough relevant for this industry.

Professional Aptitude

No specific course subjects need to be studied for animation. However, a student is required to have creative skills and interest in sketching and drawing besides a comfort level in operating computers. A Fine Arts degree is pertinent for getting entry into the animation industry, but if a student belongs to a different stream, then also he or she can enter the animation industry provided the individual is determined and passionate enough to excel in animation.


Diverse Roles under Animation Industry

Following are some different parts which are present in this industry:

  • In-between Animator
  • Modeler
  • Background Artist
  • Layout artist
  • Story Board Artist
  • Clean-up Artist
  • Scanner Operator
  • Compositor
  • Character Animator
  • Special Effect Artist
  • Digital Ink and Paint Artist
  • Key frame Animator
  • Lighting Artist
  • Image editor
  • 2-D Animator
  • Rigging Artist
  • 3-D animator, etc.


Is it the Correct Option?

An individual just needs to have immense amount of creativity instilled, so as to go far in the animation industry. Enthusiasm and determination are also important factors to be successful. An individual needs to be great at drawing and sketching parts. An individual aspiring to be an animator needs to have a perceptive about humans, animals and birds expressions and actions which will help them in articulating the characters created in the most apt way. Additionally, the candidate should have fine visualization skills along with panache for playing with the colours. An aspirant needs to be patient, dedicated and hard working enough to be successful in this profile.


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