Management Schools: The premium education destinations or Money making Shops?

Editor Says: MBA is considered as a key to golden door of success by most youngsters, but is it so? There are a lot of business schools in India offering business management courses and increasing day by day. Except some top notch B-School like IIMs, do others offers the same standards?

Well most of them are not recognized by Govt. and are not approved by AICTE. They run their autonomous courses which are not approved by Govt., so that they can fill as many seats as possible and recover fees at their will. Most of them offer dual program where one Govt. degree is provided which is under distance learning program. So they are selling their own private course as a package with distance degree, which is of no value. These institutes claim that they provide 100% placements, but truth is that they provide very low profile jobs most of the sales profiles like selling insurance or credit cards or bank account for which MBA is not required, even an intermediate pass can also get that job. These institutes have strong marketing through which they are cheating students. Like, there is one institute in Delhi which target mostly small town from all over India, where information about these things is not available. They send attractive brochure claiming that they are among top 100B-schools in India, showing ranking from business magazines, for which they have paid magazines. These institutes have their own rules and regulations which they can amend any time, some of them even do not have the basic infrastructure. Another method of looting is offering laptop, some of them have made it mandatory to buy a laptop from them and they include its price in course fees. What they offer is, a third class laptop after one year. Since students have no choice but to beat it.

But why Govt. allowing such institutes to run which do not have credibility and they are ruining student’s future, may be they are sending proper commissions to Govt. for this. But while choosing your institute be careful, to go for only best ones, or at least which are approved by AICTE, otherwise you will lose your money as well as precious years of your life. Should these institutes be allowed to run, the question is open to you all?

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