To Kill Two Birds PAK and China with one Arrow

As per the ancient Indian political economist and philosopher, Chanakya, an unruly competent can be dealt with in 4 ways, which are saam, daam, dand and bhed. These 4 terms mean talks, material offers, punishment and division.For the past many decades, India has been in talks with Pakistan over the infamous issue of Kashmir. Now, after long, it has decided to opt for the 4rd strategy, i.e. bhed on this serious issue. Now, India is eying the neighbour’s largest region, Balochistan, which is being exploited by Pak and people are suffering human right violations.

Pakistan has been known to abuse and oppress its own citizens, including that of Balochistan and POK. India has now raised this issue for the first time with United Nations, taking it under the nation’s foreign policy armoury. Balochistan is a region which parts Iran and Afghanistan. Pakistan has been since ages, violating the human rights of the Balochis. The people residing in that province have been for long asking for independence from the Pakistani military interventions.

The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has initiated this step just before India’s 70th Independence Day. Also, he referred to the issue of people of Balochistan in his Independence Day speech on August 15, 2016. Initially, this seemed to be a soft step towards the Kashmir issue. But now, India has made it very clear, that Pakistan and terrorism can only be dealt with playing offence and not defence. The friendly hand extended towards Balochistan by India, is an indication that Pakistan can no longer be dealt with mere talks.

India’s Balochistan Counter

This interest towards the people of Balochistan is not new. Pakistan has always been accusing India of interfering in that province. Ajit Doval, India’s National Security Advisor, had in February 2014 made it very clear by saying, “You do one more Mumbai, you lose Balochistan.”  Pakistan itself has earned enough wrath for what it has done with the Balochis. India’s role is needed to further bring this issue into focus.

There have been five revolts or revolutions in the Balochistan province against Pakistan since India’s partition in 1947. This region had always wanted to be independent. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan had assured this to Mir Sir Ahmad Yar Khan Ahmedzai, Balochistan’s monarch. But, Jinnah deviated from his promise and ordered his army to conquer the region.

Since that time, the Balochis have constantly been oppressed by the Pakistani government and military. As a result of this intervention, the Balochis have started to revolt and this uproar is now crossing borders. Therefore, there is a need for India to focus on that region’s interest.


The China Factor

After getting support from Narendra Modi, the Balochi activists started protests against the Chinese embassy, in UK. China, being Pakistan’s long-term friend, was getting opposed for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) deal. CPEC is a bunch of infrastructural projects for connecting china to central Asia with minimum time, thus giving wings to Chinese’s exports and giving it solid base around India. The major point to focus here is that CPEC passes through the Balochistan province.

Killing two birds with One arrow :

By raising the Balochistan issue at the international level, India is achieving dual goal of defeating both neighbour enemies with single diplomatic move. It will elevate the costs of the CPEC project, given the fact that China has spent a whopping $46 billion in this deal up till now.The Gwadar port is one of the largest CPEC project in the Balochistan region. China is focusing on this project to reduce its dependence on Malacca Straits, so that it can conveniently connect through Karakoram Range with the Indian Ocean. Malacca Straits is an area where China currently faces elevated aggression.

Thus countering Chinese aggressing and defeating Pakistan in its own den without shelling single bullet It will make Pak army busy within own issues rather than sending cross border terrorists, also China will think twice before creating hurdles for India at international level by supporting Pak .