Top10 Intelligence Agencies in the World

An Intelligence Agency is a government agency which serves the nation and is accountable for extracting and analyzing information regarding national security, military, foreign policy and such other pertinent national issues. Such agencies collect information from diverse sources which may be evident as well as clandestine. Such sources include spying, intercepting communication lines, encrypting and decrypting of code language, assistance from other institutions and analyzing the public resources. It also undertake covert operations in national interest.

Top Secret Intelligence Agencies in the World


Top10 Intelligence Agencies in the World -

Top10 Intelligence Agencies in the World –

Central Intelligence Agency, USA

CIA is among best intelligence agencies in the world. It is the leading intelligence agency of the USA which operates in collaboration with the National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). CIA has been a regular supplier of pertinent and most important Intel to its nation regarding the activities of various terrorist groups around the world.


GRU, Russia

GRU(Glavnoye Razvedyvatel`noye Upravleniye) is the central intelligence agency of Russia, which was backbone of Russian defence intelligence. Their employees comprise of special agents, double agents and spies. This agency operates world-wide, and have 250000 troops.


Military Intelligence 6 or Secret Intelligence Service is United Kingdom’s leading intelligence agency. It was founded to trail the activities of the Imperial German Government before the World War II. Its headquarters are in London. This top agency works hand-in-hand with the MOSSAD and CIA so that there does not arise a situation of likely threat in the world as a whole.

RAW, India

Ranked among top intel. Agencies in the world, RAW ( Research and Analysis Wing) was established in the year 1968 and its headquarters are situated in New Delhi. RAW is assigned with the main tasks of extraction of information of neighboring countries and some specific countries as well which can influence the peace and prosperity of India. Also, RAW is accountable for protecting the nuclear program of India. It provides necessary alerts against terrorist activities and any activity which could hamper nation’s interest. With time its reach spread across the world related to secret information exchanges and other such operations, it is working closely with top agencies in the world and often considered as effective tool for India’s growing power.

MOSSAD, Israel

Considered to be best intelligence agency for covert operations in the world, MOSSAD was established in the year 1949. The major objectives of this agency comprise of collecting crucial and critical intelligence information, evaluate it and then act in accordance to protect national interests. Also, it helps in fighting war against the terrorist activities. It always has its eyes on the Arab and Muslim countries and watches their activities for any possible threat. MOSSAD is segregated into 8 different departments which work exclusive of each other.


ASIS, Australia

This intelligence agency was founded I the year 1952. It is headquartered in Canberra. The Australian Secret Intelligence Service has a sole mission of protecting Australia from any anti elements by providing unique intelligence services to the country.


BND, Germany

Germany’s intelligence agency, Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND was formed prior to the World War II for spying on enemies and extracting information about their shortcomings, plans, policies and strategies. A number of double agents were trained under BND during world war, which helped Germany and the Nazis to stand face-to-face with other bigger nations.


DGSE, France

DGSE was established to replace the old intelligence agency of France, SDECE. This novice agency, DGSE is assigned the task of maintaining peace and security in the nation. It has helped the France government in preventing many terrorist attacks which in turn saved much destruction. Around 15 terrorist attacks have been prevented. About 5,000 employees work for the DGSE.


ISI, Pakistan

Inter Service Intelligence Agency of Pakistan is also in the list of top intelligence agencies in the world. There is no proof of its activities, but it is one of most notorious agencies in the world. It does not even have a logo, in fact it uses the logo of Pakistan’s government. It was formed in the year 1948 just 1 year after India’s partition with Pakistan. Officially it is said to be operating in consonance with Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Military Intelligence (MI) in Pakistan to save its nation from any kind of terrorist attacks and activities. But it use to work on destabilizing neighboring countries through terrorist training and funding. It enjoys support from military and have powerful voice in country’s decision making.


MSS, China

Ministry of State Security is the intelligence as well as the security agency governed by China. It is headquartered in Beijing. It works in collaboration with the secret agencies of China to combat any kind of attacks and threats within the country as well. MSS works in consonance with the ISI of Pakistan regarding the state of stability, prosperity and security in the South Asian region.