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To Kill Two Birds PAK and China with one Arrow

By raising the Balochistan issue at the international level, India is achieving dual goal of defeating both neighbour enemies with single diplomatic move. It will elevate the costs of the CPEC project, given the fact that China has spent a whopping $46 billion in this deal up till now.The Gwadar port is one of the largest CPEC project in the Balochistan region. China is focusing on this project to reduce its dependence on Malacca Straits, so that it can conveniently connect through Karakoram Range with the Indian Ocean. Malacca Straits is an area where China currently faces elevated aggression.

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India Roaring to take on Defence Market

India Roaring to take on Defence Market -

In order to counter China’s growing military fierceness, India is gearing up to sell supersonic BRAHMOS missile to Vietnam. This development took place between India’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and his Vietnamese counterpart General Ngo Xuan Lich only recently. Few other countries like Arabs are also interested in buying these.Indigenously developed fighter Jet Tejas is also in pipeline, as many countries have shown interest in buying it.

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Top10 Intelligence Agencies in the World

Top10 Intelligence Agencies in the World -

An Intelligence Agency is a government agency which serves the nation and is accountable for extracting and analyzing information regarding national security, military, foreign policy and such other pertinent national issues. Such agencies collect information from diverse sources which may be evident as well as clandestine. Such sources include spying, intercepting communication lines, encrypting and decrypting of code language, assistance from other institutions and analyzing the public resources.

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Top 10 Largest Exporters of Defence Market

Top 10 Largest Exporters of Defence Market - Chakreview

The share of United States is in the weapon export market is 33% according to the latest statistics. US sells weapons to over 50 countries in the world.

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North Korea vs. South Korea: Military Power Comparison

Strengthening the defense system of the nation is perhaps the most vital thing. It assures and offers protection to the country and its people against any enemy forces that may threaten them. With the help of advancing science and technology, various countries have been able to make weapons, military products and systems that can enhance …

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India vs. Pakistan : Military Power Comparison

There are four branches in the Indian Military, namely Army, Navy (along with naval air arm), Air Force and the Coast Guard. On the other hand, Pakistani Military has three branches, namely Army (along with National Guard), Navy (along with Marines and Maritime Security Agency) and Air Force.

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U.S. vs. China: Military Strength Comparison

U.S. vs. China Military Strength Comparison -

Every nation has one primary agenda: to maintain a strong and well equipped military for the defense of its people from enemies. Thanks to the leaps scientific technology is making, many new and powerful military weapons are now possible. It has contributed to strengthen and enhance the entire defense system. However, not every country has …

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U.S. vs. Russia: Military Power Comparison

U.S. vs. Russia Military Power Comparison -

One of the most important agenda on very country’s list of priorities is to maintain a strong, well trained and masochistically equipped military at its dispense. It is a crucial factor in protecting a nation and its people against enemy forces. Now that advanced scientific technology is being employed in defense sector, different countries have …

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