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Career as a Dermatologist

Career as a Dermatologist - Chakreview

Career as dermatologist is flourishing at great heights these days as people have become more and more conscious about their skin and health. Dermatologist is a trained physician who treats the conditions and diseases related to the skin. Staring from fungal diseases to irritating bacterial diseases, dermatologists are trained to cure such conditions. Even cancerous …

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Triple Talaq and Politics of votes: Time to end this

As the Triple Talaq concept has a religious angle, it also encompasses the Shia-Sunni perspective. This practice is majorly practiced by the followers of Sunni community whereas it has been scrapped by the Shia followers all over the world. Some Muslim nations follow modern laws while handling the divorce cases. Turkey is such a nation.

Time has come to end this practice which led to exploitation of Muslim women for decades, even Islamic countries have stopped this practice , but here it was kept alive only to secure votes of certain section by pseudo seculars.

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Highest Paying Government Jobs in India!

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India -

In India, Government jobs are the most sought after jobs for professionals. The jobs mostly entails fixed amount of working hours, stability, security and lots of other perks associated with it.
Here we present the list of the Highest Paying Government Jobs in India.

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Indian Stock Market Scam by Harshad Mehta: Implications – Case Study

Indian Stock Market Scam by Harshad Mehta Implications - Case Study -

In the early 1990s, every bank in India was supposed to maintain Statutory Liquidity Ratio, i.e. a particular amount of their deposits were to be in the form of government bonds. They were also to submit a balance sheet with full details by the end of the day showing the capital that has been invested …

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Top10 Oil Producing Countries in the World!

Though many alternate sources of energy are in use and new ones are being created, oil remains one of the most widely used source of energy. Its value still remains unquestionable in this regard. A lot of countries across the world that are rich in oil reserves are selling the domestically produced oil to other …

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Top 10 Most Corrupt and Least Corrupt Countries in World

What comes up as a new reminder of corruption, secret dealings, bribery and abuse of power is the Corruption Perceptions Index 2013. The Index reveals the continuing ravage of societies all across the globe. This Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 has scored 177 nations and territories of the world on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 score indicated the nation/ territory being highly corrupt and 100 score indicated the nation/ territory being very clean. It did not comes as a surprise that none of the 177 nations and territories achieved a perfect score. However, what is disturbing is the fact that about 2/3rd of the world’s nations and territories scored less than 50. The conditions are becoming all the more severe and needs to be addressed. The scores themselves indicate the seriousness and the global problem of corruption expanding. Some urgent and strict steps need to be taken. A renewed worldwide effort has to be organized to crack down the corruption rising from money laundering. Political finances are to be cleaned up, stolen assets have to be returned. The public institutions are to be made more transparent.

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Do you know High Stress causes Blood Pressure Problems

Stress is running high these days. Busy and fast going day to day life and work is starting to show it side effects on the human body. The two major problems arising because of high stress in your system is blood pressure and diabetes. It is common knowledge that when you are under high levels of stress, your blood sugar level tends to run higher as well. It happens because the hormones that are produced under stress causes the blood sugar level in your system to rise preparing you for fight or flight.

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Cloud seeding : A Solution to Low Monsoon and Rains!

Cloud seeding - A Solution to Low Monsoon and Rains!

Cloud seeding is the artificial process of getting rain, by weather modification. Rainfall happens when suppercooled droplets of water, become too heavy to remain suspended in air, fall and melts on their way to cause rain. Cloud seeding helps to get this process occur by altering precipitation,using chemicals such as silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice, spread through planes.
This process otherwise occurs naturally in the atmosphere. By the process of cloud seeding we can not only introduce rains but also enhance its amount in order to get more water in the target area or region. For this process, a variety of professionals are involved such as the meteorologists, pilots, aircraft technicians, radar engineers, etc. With time, the technology has undergone tremendous development in order to improvise the technique of delivering the rain inducing particles in the clouds as well as to monitor the seeded clouds so as to track the process and its results.

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Women Sexual Harassment : Here are the laws and actions you can take!

Women are still looked at from a medieval point of view, they are not spared on the road, not spared at a social gathering, and they are not even spared at workplace. It should be mentioned here that women are thought to be easy because they go to work and mingle with men, and thus …

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Google Glasses: The Future of Internet Search and Technology

Google glass is a wearable computer in the form of pair of glasses that is designed to do the work of a smart phone or a tablet using voice commands; the importance thing is that it comes in the form of spectacles! It uses virtual reality interface to show different options in front of eyes while bearing these glasses.There is an Android-powered display that resides just immediately above the right eye. This display provides information about almost anything; and also enables activities like taking pictures, recording videos, live streaming of videos and travel directions and lots more; all these accessible by Siri-like voice commands. There is also a 720 pixel camera that is embedded in front of the gadget. This enables the wearer to take pictures or record even live videos.

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Cloud Computing Technology: Why Tech Giants are betting heavily on it?

Cloud Computing Technology -

Cloud computing technology is a way of sharing of applications and services via the internet. In other words, it is an internet-based computing, where different services (servers, applications), are delivered to an organization’s computer systems and devices through the internet.

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Bangalore: The IT hub of India!

Bangalore - The IT hub of India -

In a way, we can say Bangalore is a conglomeration of many IT companies, most of them being one of the largest in India and also in the world. A few examples are : Accenture, IBM, Cisco, HP, Dell etc. The marvelous infrastructure and quality education, plus the technological flair of young people have attracted many MNCs to make Bangalore their primary hub. The constant improvement in the field of education and infrastructure too had played a pivotal role in boosting the economy of the city on a global scale.

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Honour killing in India: A shameful act on the name of false prestige!

Honour killing in India -

The frequency of honour killings have been on the rise in the northern regions of India, with the states of Punjab, Haryana and UP topping the list. These honour killings are directed towards women or girls, and are a result of marriages that happen without the permission of the family, or those that happen with the girl and boy belonging to two different caste groups or religions. In contrast to this, honour killings are close to null in the south Indian states as well as north western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Statistics have given extremely painful and sad results. Over 1000 young people are killed in India in the name of honour killing every year. Punjab has got the credit of having the highest number of honour killings in the country, with 34 honour killings being reported in the state between 2008 and 2010.

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Land acquisition and Corruption: How to stop this looting?

Land acquisition and Corruption How to stop this looting

Land acquisition basically refers to the process of acquiring of land by the government for various infrastructure as well as economic related developments. In our country, acquiring of land has got some additional definitions, i.e, it involves the hands of political bigwigs, and hence there is lot of black money involved, thereby accelerating our nation in the corruption race. When a land is acquired by the government, it most of the times results in the displacement of a considerable chunk of the particular area’s population. The poor, who have been having their livelihood in an area, their houses, businesses etc. all have now to be shifted to some other place. The question here is, does the government help these displaced people after they have lost their trades? I guess, our government doesn’t even care to look back at them, let alone help!

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Acid Attacks and increasing Crime against Women: Strong laws required!

Women Sexual Harassment Here are the laws and actions you can

Our country is becoming an epitome of crime, and the sad thing is that women are turning out to be the worst hit. Crime against women in our nation is on the rise, year by year. Here are a few appalling statistics. In the year 2006 alone, over 32,000 murders, 19,000 rapes, 7,500 dowry deaths and 36,500 molestation cases were reported against women. And to make things worse, there are many more cases that go unreported in our country. Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh are the states where crime against women has been sky rocketing. And yes, our national capital Delhi is also not far behind

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