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Countries with best work-life Balance and Mental Peace!

Countries with best work-life Balance and Mental Peace -

To live a healthy and meaningful life, it is very important to maintain good balance between work and life as well as have high mental peace. However, the fast paced and technology driven world of the present era has been making this an exceedingly difficult goal to achieve. Moreover, people today are becoming so much career driven that they are losing touch with their personal self. People today do not have time even for themselves. It is skewing their work and life balance. Nonetheless, there are countries who have been ranked to have best work-life balance and mental peace. This list was created by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on the basis of three chief variable including the number of hours worked per week, the employment rate for women who have children and the space dedicated to the leisure and personal care.

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Do you know High Stress causes Blood Pressure Problems

Stress is running high these days. Busy and fast going day to day life and work is starting to show it side effects on the human body. The two major problems arising because of high stress in your system is blood pressure and diabetes. It is common knowledge that when you are under high levels of stress, your blood sugar level tends to run higher as well. It happens because the hormones that are produced under stress causes the blood sugar level in your system to rise preparing you for fight or flight.

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Generic Drugs: What are they and how can they help you?

Generic Drugs What are they and how can they help you -

A generic medicine is identical or bioequivalent version of branded medicine, which is developed and distributed without patent protection; hence they are dirt cheap in cost. The active substances present, the dosage and treatment of the generic medicines are same as the branded medicines only colour, taste, shape or inactive substances may different. The only differences between a generic and a branded medicine might be its name, appearance and packaging.
The active substance of a generic medicine is what gives it its therapeutic effect. The manufacturer can use a stable form of the active substance, like a hydrochloride salt; but this can be done only until the medicine doesn’t lose its activity.

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Things you can do to get over a Break up and feel better !

Following are some of the sure-fire tips on how to get over a break up:
• Stop feeling miserable and think positive. Every relationship comes with a lot of hope and expectations and a breakup puts an end to all suddenly; hence it is implied that the sense of helplessness and vulnerability will take over. Your job is to control this feeling and get over the sudden shock. Think positively that there may be something better is waiting for you.

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Young India is suffering with Fat Belly:How to stop this?

Most of the young crowd chooses fast food over home-cooked foods as they are tasty. Indeed these fast food chains have become an integral part of world as well as Indian culture. The main reason behind it is that it offers utmost convenience and quick yet tasty foods. But as a matter of fact, the result of consuming too much fast food by Indian youth is clearly showing up in the bulging belly! exercises.
Following is the best diet to reduce stomach fat which has been chalked out by experts:
• To get the metabolic system work efficiently, eat 4/6 small meals every day and make sure to work out at least 4 times a week. Choose foods that are nutritious and contains all necessary elements like carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins.

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