Want to make a Career in Cyber Law?

Want to make a Career in Cyber Law - Chakreview.com

Want to make a Career in Cyber Law – Chakreview.com

With cyber-crimes on the rise like never before, the needs for Cyber Lawyers is quite high these days. It is, perhaps, one of the newest yet most successful careers in Law today. In case you want to pursue a career as a Cyber Lawyer and need some essential information regarding the same, here is all the help. Discussed below are some crucial aspects about a career as a Cyber Lawyer in India that you may find helpful.

Career Profile: What Cyber Lawyers Do?

The chief job of a Cyber Lawyer is to investigate, prepare and advocate a case for their client involved in a case of cyber-crime. Organizations of different sizes and scales tend to hire a Cyber Lawyer to handle all the internet related legal matters of the company. Cyber Lawyers have a thorough knowledge of the cyber laws, rules and regulations. They ensure that the organization also adheres to these laws. They also provide the company with their legal advice and guidance, whenever required.

Career Scope: Cyber Law Job Opportunities

With the rate of cyber-crime going so high, the scope in the career of a Cyber Lawyer is also growing. Every organizations hires a Cyber Lawyer for their expert legal advice and services. It is quite a well-paying job, too. A Cyber Lawyer can either be self-employed or can work with a law agency. There is a lot of potential for growth in this career.

Salary Range in Cyber Law

The salary of a Cyber Lawyer tend to vary depending on several factors, such as the qualification of the candidate, their licensure, what is their prior work experience, the agency that recruits them, whether they work in private or public sector, whether they work with a law agency or choose to be self-employed, etc. However, on average, a Cyber Lawyer in India receives a salary package of about INR 7.5 to 9 Lacs per annum.

Educational Qualifications: How to become a Cyber Lawyer

If you are interested in making a career as a Cyber Lawyer, you will be required to have specialized education related to the field. In order to be able to apply for an entry level job as a Cyber Lawyer, a candidate needs to have at least Bachelor’s degree in Cyber Law. Also, in order to be able to practice, the candidate will have to clear a standardized national exam to obtain the license. Good qualification degree from a well-established institute, license and some work experience can enable a candidate to get hold of amazing employment opportunities.

Best College/ Institute to Obtain Qualification Diploma Degree in Cyber Law

If you want to be a Cyber Lawyer, you will be able to find many good colleges, universities and educational institutes in India offering great courses in Cyber Law. Some of the best universities and institutes for obtaining qualification diploma degree for a job as a Cyber Lawyer have been enlisted as follows:

  • Symbiosis society’s Law College, Pune
  • NALSAR University
  • Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune
  • Indian Institute of Information and Technology, Allahabad
  • Center for Distance Education, University of Hyderabad
  • Amity Law School, Delhi
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