Top animation Courses After 12th

One of the most attractive career options available to the young talented individuals today is that in the field of Animation. This industry is growing at a rapid pace, expanding and flourishing like never before. It is an absolutely right career option for those individuals who have high creative and imaginative skills. Animation is an industry that values innovation and great drawing skills. This field holds a lot of scope and promise. The potential for professional growth and development in Animation industry is also quite high. If you are also interested to make a career in this field, then you must read on!. Animation industry requires a professional to have skills and expertise that is relevant to the field. Thus, one needs to have education and training specific to this field. An interested individual can pursue courses in Animation after having completed their 12th. There are a variety of diploma, certificate and degree courses available in different forms and fields of animation. An individual can select to pursue any of these as per their preference regarding the particular stream of animation in which they wish to make their career.

Some of the Top Diploma Animation Courses that an interested individual can consider pursuing after completing their 12th have been enlisted as follows:

  • Diploma in 2D Animation VFX & Post Production
  • Diploma in Classical Animation
  • Diploma in Fusion Animation
  • Diploma in Video Editing & VFX
  • Diploma in Web and Graphic Designing
  • Diploma in Animation Engineering
  • Diploma in Graphic Design & Artistry
  • Advance Diploma in Game Art
  • Advance Diploma in 3D Animation Expert
  • Advance Diploma in Digital Animation
  • Advance Diploma in Animation/ Gaming

Since certification can make an animator appear more competent and give them an edge over their competitors in the eyes of an employer, pursing certificate courses is also a great option.

Some of the Top Certificate Animation Courses have been enlisted below:

  • Certificate Course in Complete 2D Animation
  • Certificate Course in Digital Animation & Multimedia
  • Certificate Course in Animation Using Flash
  • Certificate Course in Visual Effects
  • Certificate Course in Web-motion

Degree Courses in Animation are available as well. Some of these include:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media (3D Animation)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media (Visual Effects)
  • Bachelor of Art in 3D Animation and Visual Effects
  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film Making and Animation
  • Bachelor of Science in Animation
  • Bachelor of Science in Multimedia
  • Bachelor of Science in Multimedia & Animation
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Multimedia Production and Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Digital Arts & Technology

Apart from the course itself, the educational institute from where a person pursues the course is also very important in shaping their career. Pursuing Animation courses from academies and institutes that have great reputation in the industry can give your resume a boost.

Some of the popular institutes and universities in India for Animation Courses are:

  • Arena Animation Academy
  • Accel Animation Academy
  • DSK International Institute for Industrial Design, Animation and Gaming
  • FX School of Animation
  • Mudra Institute of Communication
  • National School of Design Animation
  • Picasso Animation College
  • Thakur-Toonskool Advanced Animation Academy

Besides obtaining the necessary educational qualification, there are some skills that are quite essential for someone who wishes to make a career in the Animation industry. These skills include ability to work on deadline oriented work, keen eye for detail, computer skills, creativity and imaginative skills, artistic skills, organizational and managerial skills, etc.

Job opportunities in Animation:

The employment opportunities and job prospects in Animation industry are immense. After having completed their Animation course, one can apply for jobs in different multimedia houses belonging to public as well as private sector. Most of the multimedia companies have multiple posts for animators, such as Junior, Assistant and Chief Animator. It is quite a well-paying profession. On an average, an Animator (fresher) may earn an annual salary package of about INR 1-2 Lacs. However, with experience and promotion, the salary of an Animator can go as high as INR 7-10 Lacs per annum. This profession is quite flexible too. One can choose to work on part time/ contract basis, as a full time employee or as a self-employed individual as per their preference.

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