Highest Paying Software Jobs in India

The IT sector is showing growth and expansion like never before. There are so many exciting job opportunities and career options within this field. The arena of IT has been attracting a lot of young talent chiefly because of better prospects and amazing pay packages. Software jobs, in particular, have become a major source of interest among the youth because of its challenging and lucrative nature. Most of these jobs require a Bachelor’s degree at entry level. Further qualification, diploma degree or certification enhances the prospects for the candidate. Let us have a quick look at the highest paying software jobs that a person can consider if they wish to make a career in IT field in India:

Software Consultants:

 Software consultants provide advice and solutions to IT clients for improvemet in current systems or building new software systems.They generally do performance assessment of any client;s current business and it existing software systems. Then they do strategic planning and come our with a solution of implementation of new systems system or process which can fulfill client’s business objectives.The salary for a software consultant ranges from 12 to 19 Lakhs per annum

Application Architect:

The field of Application Architect is different from that of the Software Engineering or Software Development. The role of an Application Architect is to wield a boarder view of the overall software footing of an organization. Along with this major task, they also handle the project management and software development in order to design and create applications that will help serve the purpose. All this is carried out by strictly adhering to the organization’s software policy and ethics. The demand is immense but it is hard to find well qualified Application Architect. Thus, the ones who enter this field are paid quite well. The salary for a Application Architect ranges from 12 to 16 Lakhs per annum

Software development Manager/Senior engineer:

Required qualification is degree or diploma in software development and application. Roles and responsibilities include managing resources and workers associated with various software projects. With 10-12 years experience one can draw 10-12 lakhs per annum for this post.


Mobile Application Developer:

 Thanks to the exponential growth in the mobile phone arena and the development in technology, a user can now do almost every other task with the help of this gadget. To fulfil this need, the need for mobile applications has increased which has further lead to a demand for mobile application developers. For the past 3 years, this career has been growing at a rapid speed and this trend is going to continue in future as well. A mobile application developer can either work individually or as a member of an agency. There are some mobile application developers who offer specialized services, i.e. they develop applications for iOS, Android or Windows platform exclusively. The salary for a Application Architect ranges from 8 to 12 Lakhs per annum


Apart from these mention above, below are also High paying Software Jobs:

Vice President of Technology (V.P. Technology)

Database Manager

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Business Intelligence Analyst


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