Engineering as a career: options, eligibility and opportunities!

There is no doubt about the fact that an engineering student has a bright future , after the successful completion of the course. This stream of study is really popular among the parents and as well as in the students as it offer some really fascinating and top career options, the achievement which is the dream of all., it is important to know a few more things, they are- engineering as a career option, streams, eligibility criteria for the course, the exams which are required to be cleared before securing admission, colleges and opportunities. So let’s go one by one.


How’s engineering as a career option? :

The unbelievable flourishing of engineering as a stream of study is, undoubtedly, another

Engineering as a career option -

Engineering as a career option –

blessing of science. It is only after the extensive development of science and technology, service sectors have grown and the confinement has gone giving way to a wide scale scope to the young people to work and earn their fortune. Even though we have had great engineers like Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya some thousand years back, the number was really less. But today the scenario has changed completely as we see innumerable aspirants trying their luck in this profession.


Endless career options in engineering -Various streams:

As has been mentioned earlier there are a number of options in engineering and you have to choose among them. To make your task easy, we have tried to give you some idea regarding a few but the most important streams.


Computer science and IT :   

In technical era people are very much keen to do something with computers and computers are also starts to show off there versatility in every sector but if you want run a application through computer then you have to make a program and then it’s necessary to run this program  to get the result from that application. Career in computer science engineering and IT streams involves two type of work profiles: Software and Hardware. Software deals with writing instructions in terms of source code which is used to tell computer system how to perform a certain task. Whereas Hardware deals with computer components, computer security systems and computer networks which are used to transfer data. Computer science is a kind of studies where programmers normally born with there unique concept. According to a source this is the most demandable subjects in engineering. There is high scope of hardware and networking also with the increasing trend of automation in various organizations.


Mechanical Engineering:

A mechanical age is running out every where in the world now, even efforts are put to make clones or robot which will be a substitute of human.This deals with study of machines and heavy machinery.It involves design,manufacturing and maintenance of machines and mechanical systems. This field uses mechanical science concepts such as thermodynamics, kinematics, material science along with softwares such as CAD(computer aided design) to design analyze and do maintenance of industrial plants, machinery, transport systems, medical devices and robotics. CAD is software  for mechanical engineering which help in designing mechanical system and test its performance in computer system.This is evergreen field and mechanical engineers are always in demand in almost every sector dealing with machinery. Automobile, Industrial sectors have great career options for mechanical engineering .


Electronics engineering:

  Suddenly world has change its dimension of demand now every one wants deal with something which can be run automatically from satellite to car for kids each and every sectors you can see the demands of electronics goods increasing day by day, and electronics engineering is a kind of studies which helps students to became a genius in this sector. One familiar example of Electronics is chipset in computer’s motherboard. Students in this stream have to study lot of electronic circuits.There are great opportunities for electronics engineers in IT, telecom, Broadcasting, Aviation, Defense and research organisations.


Electrical engineering :  

Current is the most effective invention by human and according to syllabus of this stream students are able to get some valuable knowledge about circuit board, manufacturing process of current, uses of current in broad spectrum etc. through theoretical and practical knowledge. Even top companies will hire you if you can generate your talents in proper way to maintain there raw materials along with current. This stream has scope in sectors like power plants, industrial sectors etc.


Civil engineering :

We can see multistory buildings, office apartments, flats etc. some of them are huge in size, some are mediums but to prepare a building there are some rules and regulation, and the first rule is to make a plan by architectures and after the proper legal process on this plan. And studies regarding that plans, rules and regulations are called civil engineering which is the most ancient course in engineering and still high into its demand.Real estate sector has great scope for civil engineering career options.


Biomedical Engineering:

Biomedical Engineering is the combination of Biology and Engineering principles. This filed uses Engineering and design concepts to Medical filed to improve healthcare procedures, Health monitoring and diagnosis. It uses combination of mechanical, Electronics and computer engineering principles. A Biomedical engineer has to work closely with scientists, chemists and medical professionals. The work involves designing and developing medical devices managing computer hardware and software meant for healthcare. This is relatively new field and have lot of scope and opportunities in terms of Job and salary. Industries such as pharma, medicine, food processing, Govt. and corporate research centers have huge Biomedical engineering career options.


Architectural Engineering:

Actually this type of engineering applies to make relation between technology and building design so use it to prepare of constructions. An engineer tries to implement his knowledge regarding Architectural engineering and makes structural, technical galvanic for construction. Work involves making designs ranging from personnel houses to large scale infrastructure building projects. Architects can work independently also. They are involved in every phase of building construction, and have to take care of the things such as design of building, safety, budget of building. The field is evergreen and has huge potential if you are creative.


Aerospace Engineering:

Normally this sector counts as the beginning point of engineering. Even its helps to constructs the science of aircraft and spacecraft together. Experts are dividing it into two different type of engineering which are aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering.


There are so many streams are available in engineering such as food tech, lather tech. , Chemical etc.. Most of the courses are of 4 years duration after which you will be awarded a bachelors degree. One can also pursue higher education after it. They can also take up jobs in various sectors.After decided to choose career as an engineer, one might wonder what sort of job would suit him. Just give yourself a few moments and think what sort of work schedule you want, how do you want to prosper, the salary you are expecting in the initial stage . Once you judge these points, you can choose any one from the list mentioned above. There are many more options and one or the other is sure to be the right choice for you.

Engineering is one of the best career option for students after 12th.


Eligibility criteria for engineering :

In our country, any student passing 10+2 with science is eligible to sit in the entrance tests that are conducted at both the state and the national level. Only those who pass the entrance successfully are allowed to secure admission in various engineering colleges through out the country.

Engineering admission in India:

In India admission in engineering is taken strictly on the basis of rank, which means toppers are given priority in the top colleges first. Some of the The main gateways needed to be cleared are the Joint Engineering Examination (JEE) Mains and Advance(for IITs) Aspirants can take JEE aptitude test through which you can apply for most of the good colleges in the country; based upon performance you would be given a rank, state rank and national rank. Then you can apply for different colleges based upon rank criteria set by college, in state as well as national level.


Best Indian Engineering Colleges:

Among the best Indian engineering colleges there are seven Indian institutes of technologies that are in Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Chennai, Guwahati, Kharagpur and Roorkee. The 20 national institutes of technology are also on top places no doubt. There are also a number of private colleges who are engaged in the job of making bright engineers. All these colleges are governed be a body called AICTE or The Indian Council for Technical Education.


Engineering Job Opportunities:

Engineers of each and every field are in great demand throughout the world and have great job opportunities. They can work in both government and private sectors, in almost any and every industry, in the software companies and moreover they can set up their own business. Whatever they do, whichever way they wish to work, the scope of earning a satisfactory amount of money is present everywhere employers are minimum gets Rs 20,000-25,000 as salary at the initial stage of there carrier and as usual it’s increased day by day depending upon the college from which you are passing out, it can be even more.

This is one of the Highest Paying Careers.


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