What are Canadian student visa requirements, Visa rules and how to apply for Visa?

Study in Canada: There are many great Canadian universities that accept foreign students to help them improve their skills, knowledge and craft in their particular fields. That is why every year; tons of applications of Canadian student visa are being received by the Canadian embassy. If you want to do studies in Canada, then you need to know first the process of securing a student visa. This will allow you to enter Canada without any legal problems.

In Canada, student visa is also commonly known as study permit. Some people need not to apply for it while others are required to secure it depending on the country of origin. For example, students coming from United States, Japan, France, Germany, Singapore, etc. need not to process requirements for student permit so long as they can verify their nationality. For complete list of the countries exempted from applying visa, you can check out the Canadian Embassy website.

If you are not from the countries exempted from applying visa, then you need to prepare several requirements to be able to secure a study permit.

Canadian Student Visa Requirements

Following student visa requirements you need to accomplish:

1. You must have a completed application form for study permit. You can secure it either by personally getting one from the Canadian Embassy in your country or by downloading the form online. You can also fill-it up electronically to avoid errors and problems.

2. You should present a valid passport. If you still have no passport, you should get one as soon as possible by checking the process of acquiring a passport in your country.

3. Include two copies of your photos and all of your family members. It is important to ensure that the photographs mush have been taken six months before the submission. You should also write the name and date of birth of the person at the back of his or her photograph.

4. You will need to show a proof that a university in Canada already accepted you as a student. This is required to show that there is already an educational institution that will surely admit you as a student.

5. Since you will be studying, you need to show that you have sufficient money to study and to overcome the daily living expenses of a student. This is a very important requirement because this is the way of the Canadian government to ensure that the students who will apply for study permit will really study. There are some instances that the student will work in Canada and evade the Canadian laws governing foreign workers.

6. You should also show your bank transaction for the last four months. This will strengthen your case as why you should be given a student permit.

7. Payment of fee to the school that already accepted you is also required. There are many forms in which you can show it but the most acceptable form is a bank draft.

8. Other documents maybe needed such as proof that you do not have any criminal record, medical reports, correspondence to the institution that accepted you, etc.

Canada Student Visa Rules

Below are Canada student visa rules you need to follow.

  • In general your student visa for Canada expires the moment you’re done with your school. You then have to return to your home country immediately. However, you can apply for programs that will help you look for a job after graduation. This can lengthen your stay and hopefully pave the way for a Canadian residency or citizenship.
  • You should not have any criminal record in your home country and anywhere else in the world.
  • You have to satisfy your immigration officer and prove that you respect the provisions of your study permit. Don’t forget to ask for the requirements of student permit application too. Study Canadian immigration laws also.

How to Apply for Student Visa for Canada

  • Look for a school. Submit your requirements, go through the application process, and pass the interview. You need to have the letter of acceptance before you can proceed with the rest of the student visa process. Though you’re not required to apply for a student visa if the course is only within 6 months, it’s still a good idea to have one just in case you want to pursue further studies.
  • Go to your Canadian immigration office. Inquire the documents you need. Submit them on time.
  • Pay the application fees.
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