Highest Paying Jobs in Petroleum Industry in India

Petroleum industry is one of the finest industries in India at present. The sector has been showing impressive growth and expansion. It has been making a lot of progress and becoming financially strong too. The Petroleum industry has been attracting talent for various levels of jobs.

Here are the Highest Paying Jobs in Petroleum Industry in India:

General Operations Managers:

The General Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing all the operations going on in the field and in the refinery. They work as the link between different units. The smooth and efficient functioning of all smaller units is their chief duty. They report to the higher authorities at regular intervals.

Petroleum Engineers:

Their job is to devise different methods which can help in improving and enhancing the production of petroleum wells. They also decide the need of new, modified tool designs. They are responsible for supervising drilling processes and offering technical advice to ensure satisfactory and economic progress.

Geologist/ Geo-scientist:

The job of a geologist or geoscientist is to study the structure, composition and different physical attributes of the earth. They make use of their knowledge in mathematics, geology and physics to help explore different petroleum sources. They also determine the waste disposal procedure. They get to make decision on the land reclamation and other environmental problems that may arise

Petroleum Pump Operators:

The job responsibilities and duties of a petroleum pump operator is to the control the entire process/ operation of the petrol refining. They may specialize in various aspects, such as gauging or testing petroleum in storage tanks, controlling manifold and pumping systems, regulating the flow of petroleum in the pipelines, etc.

The salaries tend to vary according to the company that hires you, whether you are in the private or public sector, your maximum educational qualifications/ training/ certification and the amount of prior work experience you have plus other related factors. Nonetheless, the Petroleum industry has a lot of good job opportunities to offer for an exciting and bright career.



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