Career as an Interior Designer: Let’s Analyze

These days, most of the youth are attracted towards careers that encourage the use and exercise of creativity, innovation and art. One such successful career that offers all of these is that of an Interior Designer. If you also wish to make a career as an Interior Designer and need some more information regarding the same, you must read on. Discussed below are certain key aspects of a career as an Interior Designer in India that you may find helpful:

Career Profile : Interior Designer Roles and Responsibilities

The chief role of an Interior Designer is to interact with the client and create a brief which will hold the details regarding what are the requirements of the client and how the space is to be used. They also go to the site for inspection and survey. They then create interior designing plans for the client and supervise its entire execution. There are certain skills than an Interior Designer needs to have. For instance, they should have good interpersonal and communication skills, excellent spatial thinking, analytical and logical thinking, an eye for detail, ability to work on deadline oriented work, a creative streak, understanding of colors, etc.

Different Career Options in Interior Designing

If you aspire to become an Interior Designer, you will have to consider the various career options that this field offers. For instance, you will have option whether to work on contract basis, in a permanent job with an organization or as a self-employed individual. Also, there are different levels to the post of an Interior Designer in most of the recruiting organization, such as a Junior, Assistant or Senior Interior Designer.

Career Scope in Interior Designing

 The scope offered by the career of an Interior Designer is huge. Houses are no more considered as a four walled space to live in. It is being creatively designed to meet all the needs of a functional space and yet being beautiful and uncluttered. The field holds a lot of promise for creative individuals and offer them an opportunity for professional growth and development. There are companies from private as well as public sector that are offering exciting job prospects to those who wish to make a career in Interior Designing. It is a very lucrative profession as well.

Salary Range of Interior Designer

 The salary earned by a person working as an Interior Designer tends to get affected by certain factors, such as the qualification and certification they hold, the kind of work experience they have had, whether they work with a Design house or are self-employed, the quality of the work they do, their popularity and demand in the market, etc. However, on an average, an Interior Designer in India receives a pay package of INR 2.5 Lacs per annum. With commendable work performance and experience, the salary package is likely to reach a maximum of INR 6.5 Lacs per annum.

Education Qualifications required to become Interior Designer

 The kind of work that an Interior Designer is required to do demands special understanding of the space and other essential factors of matching design with functionality. Thus, if anyone wishes to make a career in this field, they are required to have education and training specialized to this field. For a job as an Interior Designer, a person should have a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, Art and Design or a related course. They may choose to further specialize their education by enrolling in schools offering accredited courses in order to enhance their competence, expertise and proficiency. Apart from acquiring the degree, a potential Interior Designer should also apply for internship opportunities. It will also help them in building a network for a sound future in this field.

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  • Ananya

    Being an interior designer is a fun and creative job. But interior designer has no fixed clientele.Interior design does not have the structured career path or clear promotion-based approach found in many other industries. Thus its not good career option.

  • Interior designing is one amongst the new careers options,, but i guess candidates with enterprenueral skills can make it a better career choice.